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Need some troubleshooting help! Riser 008s and R3c

This project isn't for gpu mining but I know these risers are mainly used for this purpose so I thought I might get some good feedback here. My project is that I have an itx board with a single x16 pcie slot. It also has 3 m.2 pcie gen3 x4 slots. I have one free m.2 slot and wanted to convert that to x16 via riser. I wanted a 2nd low power silent gpu added to the rig. I went with the fanless msi 1030. It has a max draw of ~30w so I figured sata power would be safe. I purchased this and this to test with. Neither work!! So it must be something on my end?? The first part is fairly standard, the difference being I'm going to a m.2 slot where most of you are coming from x1 or x4. "In theory" this should just work! I'll start with the 2nd part since it's very simple: m.2 connector -> x16 socket + sata power. I hooked this up, seated the gpu and booted up. Nothing. Not even bios. I pulled the gpu and booted. Bios worked and booted up (running a 1080ti direct on the board). Installed the gpu back and nothing. I bought the 1030 used so I pulled the 1080ti and installed the 1030 direct to the mb. Works! So then I thought maybe the riser is bad or that sata power is insufficient seeing that most gpus would also have 6+8pin direct whereas mine has no external power. So I swapped risers out. This time the 008s with additional power connectors. Exact same thing. First I powered via pci only. Then sata+pci. And finally sata+pci+molex. In all situations the red led lit up. In all situations if I do not have the gpu plugged in it boots up fine. The strange thing is I never get into bios. No speaker or post lcd on this board so my troubleshooting is limited. And to note I test both gpu hdmi ports just to make sure one vs the other was set to primary. I got lazy and just looked at my mouse to light up to see if it booted. The mouse stayed dark, implying it never posted. Any help would be greatly appreciated! solved I have two m.2. ports which are pcie only. I have 1 port that is pcie/sata. the suggestion by u/sqrtlurface was to use the pcie/sata port and now the 1030 is being recognized in both linux and windows.
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Anyone have any experience with m.2 to x16 risers?

So first off, I'm a little disappointed that there aren't any april fools jokes here.....I have just come from homelab and well the top 15 posts are pictures of labs (the dog). perhaps a little excessive. lol.
I'm getting into virtualization (I'm testing clear linux + kvm) and have bought parts to add a second gpu to my itx build. itx builds for the most part only come with a single x16 slot. That is occupied by a 1080ti. This will be for passthru use. So from my learning it would be beneficial for me to have a 2nd gpu. The only expansion I have now is m.2. They are pcie gen 3 x4 based slots. Technically I should be able to convert to a x16 sized slot but run at x4 speed. For my use (2d only) this should be fine. Talking about this is making me research my card being compatible with x4. I believe all x16 cards are backwards compatible by design, but double checking. I am testing this and this so far without success. This application is primarily used in the crypto mining world so I asked for troubleshooting help there but was curious if any attempts here were made. p.s. my build is skylake-x which disappointingly doesn't come with igp and that would have solved my 2nd gpu issue. any itx owners with no igpu or need a 2nd/3rd gpu can try buying the above parts, but make sure you have a sata/pcie m.2 slot. for my system m.2 pcie only did NOT work properly.
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Need some m.2 to x16 pcie riser help

I finally made my way over to egpu and Read the DIY 101 and some of the initial tutorials over on io. I sort of risk a cross post because I also posted similar questions over on virtualization and gpumining. I started over on mining because they deal with lots of risers but in particular x1/x4 to x16. Virtualization because this is what I'm trying to accomplish and those of us who have itx boards all need a 2nd/3rd gpu. Thus far my testing hasn't gotten me anywhere so I'm reaching out for additional feedback. Summary I have an itx case/board running skylake-x (no igp). I need to install a 2nd gpu (4k 60fps/hz in 2d and fanless/silent were my reqs - I picked up a msi 1030). I have (3) m.2 pcie gen 3 x4 slots, one of which is dual sata/pcie. I picked up this and this to test with. Neither work. It appears that it's not even passing POST - no bios screen. After reading and the diy 101 here my hunch is that I'm running into a bios whitelist issue. What do you think? Steps taken: 1. tried both parts, the one part only takes power via sata (the card tops off at 34w and sata is capable of 54w) and the other i powered via 6pin pcie. with a card inserted it does not even hit bios. with the card unplugged i boot fine. 2. verified that the 1030 operates fine by plugging into the single x16 slot direct on the board. verified that it is not conflicting with my 1080ti (direct on mb) by unplugging the ti and only running 1030 via riser. 3. verified that its not some weird sata/pcie incompatibility by disabling sata in the chipset section of bios. next steps 1. per a suggestion in the other post, I will try the dual use sata/pcie m.2 slot. I don't think the m.2 key would be sata, but worth a shot. 2. per i will try to hot plug via the usb cable after boot. and see if the gpu will auto detect. personally i think this is what will do the trick. however long term this will not work because for my project the gpu is inside the case. for this reddit this is fine because most/all of you are running external and a disconnect is easy. 3. ironically one of the parts was on the recommended parts list over on io, so you would think i'm good to go. which really makes me think about the bios whitelisting issue. other than trying an amd card out (which won't meet my reqs longterm) i'm not sure how to fix/test the bios issue. I guess #2 will test it. Ideas?? solved I have two m.2. ports which are pcie only. I have 1 port that is pcie/sata. the suggestion by u/sqrtlurface was to use the pcie/sata port and now the 1030 is being recognized in both linux and windows.
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Can 16 PCIE 1x fit into one PCIE 16x?

I'm trying to build a bitcoin/altcoin mining rig (same concept as building a pc) but with 6 GPUs. With risers, I will end up converting each of the gpu's PCIE 16x to PCIE 1x so I will have six individual PCIE 1x representing the six gpus. The motherboard that supposedly supports 6 GPUs has the specs: 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (blue) 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, black) 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 2 x PCI
So now my question is, how can I fit the six PCIe 1x into those slots above? Can the PCIE x16 fit 16 PCIE x1? How does it work? Thanks
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If my mobo says PCIx16 will be reduced to x4 when in crossfire, will the same thing happen with two GPUs & no crossfire?

Hello friends, I've got a Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 Mobo running a AMD 390. I have a spare watercooled 7950 that I was thinking about running extra monitors and/or bitcoin mining, but of course not crossfiring.
The mobo manual says the only PCIeX16 slot (R9 390) will run at x4 if it is crossfiring with the other PCIeX4 (Hd 7950)... But what if they aren't crossfired? Will my 390 continue to run X16? Thanks for any help
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7850 Crossfire Locks Up System

I posted this to /AMDHelp but I thought I might as well post over here too. I'm using their format if that's okay.
GPU: PCIE1: Sapphire 100355-1GOCL, 1GB GDDR5(Elpida) PCIE2: XFX FX-785A-CDFC, 2GB GDDR5(Hynix) Crossfire enabled.
CPU: FX 8320, no overclock.
Motherboard: ASRock 970M Pro3
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws F3-10666CL9S-4GBRL x3
PSU: Rosewill RG630-S12 630W
Operating System & Version: Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586.164
GPU Drivers: Crimson 15.12
Description of Problem: So far I've noticed that these games lock up my computer: Witcher 3, Skyrim and Fallout 4 when crossfire is enabled. I have to hold down the power button to restart my computer.
Troubleshooting: I thought maybe this would be a power supply issue, but I figured I would try out a bitcoin miner and utilize both cards when not using crossfire. I removed the crossfire bridge and ran the miner, both cards go up to 98% utilization according to MSI Afterburner. No freezing occurs either. I also ran OCCT CPU Test while mining, still no freezing, what gives? Could this be a driver issue or a windows issue or a bad bridge? I've also used DDU to completely remove drivers as well. Here's some testing I've also done when using both cards individually.
Sapphire 1GB. [email protected] slot 1
Ran witcher 3 for about 5 minutes, everything was fine. 30-42 fps.
Ran furmark for 5 minutes with 8x msaa and xtreme burn in, no issues. Fps min 4, max 8, avg 6.
Ran skyrim for 5 minutes, all good. Fps 54-60
Ran fallout 4 for 5 minutes, no issues. 28-66 depending on the area.
Ran OCCT GPU test for 5 minutes with error checking enabled, test stopped once. Completed the second time. 70-73 fps No errors.
Ran Evga OC Scanner X with Furry E GPU memory burner 1024MB, with artifact scanner enabled and 8x MSAA for 5 minutes, no artifacts.
All of these were ran in fullscreen mode.
XFX 2GB. [email protected] slot 2
Witcher 3, 5 minutes, no issues. Fps 30-41
Furmark xtreme, 8x MSAA, 5 minutes, stuttering a little compared to the other card. Fps min 2, max 6, avg 4. Skyrim, 5 minutes, no issues. Fps 52-60
Fallout 4, 5 minutes, slow texture pop in at first, but everything loaded in shortly after. Not sure if this is a gpu problem. Fallout loaded faster than on the Sapphire run. Fps 25-65 depending on area.
OCCT GPU test, error checking enabled, j5 minutes. Test stopped twice 6 seconds in both times. Completed the third time 60-65 fps on the first two, 54 fps constant the third time. No errors.
Evga OC Scanner X Furry E 2048 MB memory test, 5 minutes, no artifacts found. I noticed one thing though, it was only using 87% of the card compared to 96% on the sapphire card. Could this be because it's on the pcie x16 slot that's only x4?
All in fullscreen mode.
The only thing I see in event viewer around the time of the lock up is the Kernel Power event. Probably because I hold down the button to turn off the system.
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Started getting the 'Nvidia display driver stopped responding' error, now it won't even boot. Please help.

I would greatly appreciate some help from someone who is more knowledgeable about computers than I am. I am currently writing this on a laptop.
Here are the specs to my desktop pc:
Everything is around 3 years old except the mobo.
Windows 7 home premium.
-Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower
-MSI 970A-G46 AM3+ MoBo (6 months old)
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor
Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 (Fermi) 1GB
-Diablotek PHD Series - 2nd Generation PHD650 650W PSU
-I also have a 2tb and 500gb hdd, and an aftermarket cpu cooler.
So a few days ago while i was playing Rift, the game froze and the audio hung as well, a few seconds later the monitor cut out and stopped displaying anything. Then after a few more seconds, the display came back up and in the task bar it said something like 'Nvidia windows kernel mode driver, version 314.22 stopped responding and has successfully recovered.'
I opened MSI Afterburner and dragged it over to my second monitor so i could see what the gpu did when this happened again. After it happened again, I noticed that the gpu usage was spiking down to 0 and then up to 95% over and over again. Other levels were spiking up and down as well, Here is a poorly taken pic-
This continued to happen but now when the monitors cut out, the computer would just restart or not restart at all and just sit there with no display.
Yesterday when turning it on, I would get the 1 long followed by 2 short beeps which apparently indicate a bad gpu or monitor. But then yesterday evening I got the normal 1 beep again even though it wouldn't display anything. Then later I got around 5 long beeps, but that only happened once.
Then a few hours later when going into the bios, the bios would freeze up. Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldnt. And sometimes it wouldnt even display anything at all. Then I would wait a couple hours and turn it on and it would boot into windows and right when it got into the desktop the display would freeze up again. Very inconsistent.
So after some research, I found many people who have had this problem, but most of them seemed to have had that bitminer virus. so it could be many different things.
I was able to try the following things at different times but as I write this I am currently at the point where I can't even get it to display anything and it won't even POST. After I submit this, I could walk into my office and who knows, it might just boot up again and then 10 minutes later it will not. Very inconsistent.
Here is what I have tried so far: (i probably forgot some things)
-Updating/downgrading gpu drivers: Did not help
-Ran Malwarebytes in normal and safe mode to look for the iehighutil.exe that uses your gpu to mine bitcoins. Also looked for the Temporary folder that it is supposed to be in. Was not there. Also could not find the Bitminer program which was another reported cause of this problem. I also read about some svchost.exe process that would start using up a ton of ram or something but couldnt check for that since I cant really use my computer at this point.
-Went into regedit and added the TdrDisplay with a value of 8, then tried 10, then tried 0.
-Reseated the gpu
-Reseated ram
-Reset CMOS jumper and pulled battery
-Plugged computer directly into wall outlet instead of power strip
-Tried putting gpu into other pcie slot,
-cpu, gpu, temps were normal.
-cpu, gpu, psu fans all spinning. leds on mobo were all on.
-used memtest86 on ram and it passed the first stick. tried to test the second stick but couldnt get it to boot again. I also put each stick individually in every slot, starting with the one closest to the cpu- didnt boot up or display anything.
-tried playing different games and the issue continued to happen. Seemed to happen when lots of things were happening on screen, although it would also happen while just browsing the web.
Could it still be a possibility that all of this could be caused by malware/virus given all these symptoms, or does this definitely seem like a hardware issue?
I'm thinking it is probably the gpu, ram, or mobo, but I'm definitely not an expert and am hoping some of you are =) Like I said, I would really appreciate some advice before I spend money on new hardware. I am about out of ideas aside from reinstalling windows but i dont have the cd for it.
Edit 1: Just walked into my office and turned it on again and it didnt display anything. I used the cmos jumper, pulled the battery, and reseated the one stick of ram that passed but still no display. waited 10 more minutes, did the same things again and i was able to see the display so i went into safe mode. started running disk sweeper but then it froze up. I will try not going into safe mode next time but i assume it will just freeze up right when it gets to the desktop again. Yesterday I was getting the 1 long followed by 2 short beeps but today it wont beep at all until I randomlly get it to boot then it beeps once like it should.
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Riser card PCI-E x16 to x1 for mining cryptocurrency

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