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BitValve is the most advanced P2P encryption platform.

What is BitValve?
BitValve is a P2P Exchange platform, with the main advantages of which will change how people trade Peer to Peer, combining all the advantages of current exchanges and overcoming losses that the market does not fully. This platform will be focused not only on professional traders, but also on ordinary users who want to exchange their coins for fiat or other cryptons in a fast, cheap and efficient way.
Our vision is to create a platform among the world's largest P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms to achieve this goal. The company will be guided by three main objectives, namely: (i) make an affordable, affordable, fast, simple, and secure global cryptocurrency exchange; (ii) increasing confidence in cryptocurrency exchange through P2P technology; and (iii) provide cryptocurrency currency traders with a “single window” solution that allows them to trade from a cryptocurrency in the most efficient way.
Problems that the Platform wants to solve
Cryptocurrency is usually exchanged through centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. In centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, third parties help to exchange users by conducting their transactions. In a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (also known as P2P exchange), there is no such third party.
Decentralized exchanges are usually safer than centralized exchanges, since trade takes place directly between users. However, existing decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have significant drawbacks, such as relatively high costs, supporting a limited number of cryptocurrency funds, do not allow the use of cryptocrypt trading, having basic UX designs and user interface designs, lack of application support for iPhone and Android, with Weak Information Security costly vendors or supporting dispute resolution does not exist through a slow and rigid process, including limited payment methods, and has limited availability.
Our solution
This platform is designed to take advantage of decentralized exchanges, while at the same time eliminating the weaknesses of current decentralized exchanges:
Discount up to 50%
Professional traders who will pay a commission using their BTV tokens will pay 50% less commission than current exchanges of competitors. Traders without BTV tokens will pay 20% less commission paid in any cryptocurrency.
Multi Cryptocurrency Support
BitValve will be the only P2P exchange that will support many cryptocurrencies for trading. These will include, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. In accordance with the market demand, we will add a new cryptocurrency each month.
Crypto to Crypto Trading
The BitValve platform also enables Crypto-trading for Crypto. We will give our traders the opportunity to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Since the platform will support many cryptocurrencies in the user's wallet, Crypto to Crypto will be fully and safely traded through the platform. For example, the user will be able to "sell 1 Ethereum for 418 ripples."
Unique UX design and user interface
The design of our exclusive website will provide the best user interface for BitValve traders. The goal is to develop and develop a platform that will be easy to use, hassle-free, simple and friendly.
Official mobile app
The official BitValve mobile app for iOS and Android will provide traders with instant and continuous access to the platform. Users will be able to act and respond to transactions from anywhere using any device with our secure application.
Increased security and availability
BitValve will implement the latest security measures and methods, thus ensuring the security of trade transactions. The platform will also be available on the Onion network for anonymous and continuous access.
24/7 Support and Dispute Resolution
The BitValve support team will be available around the clock, seven days a week, in chat, email, cable, and BitcoinTalk to provide the best hassle-free experience for traders. Dispute resolution will be handled by legal professionals at an affordable price.
Token rates
The following table contains all the information about the BitValve Token (BTV) tags. Following the table, there is an explanation of the sale of BTV for pre-ICO and ICO.
Selling BTV tokens through pre-ICO
Reception from pre-ICO will be used primarily to develop Demo and ensure the success of ICO. Pre-ICO will be carried out on a first-come basis, first until the total amount of funds raised reaches $ 330,000. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that all interested participants will be able to participate in pre-ICO. Investors wishing to participate in a preliminary ICO need to create an account at www.BitValve.com and make it invest in BTC, Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”) and ETH. All investors participating in the preliminary ICO will receive a 40% bonus. This means that if an investor invests 10 BTC in a preliminary ICO, his investment will be considered as an investment of 14 BTC in order to calculate the number of BTV tokens that will be given to this investor.
Selling BTV Tokens via ICO
The goal of the ICO is to collect the funds necessary for the development and success of the launch of the final product, namely those associated with BTV platforms and tokens. Compared to other ISOs, the Company requires reasonable funding to complete the Project, and therefore the maximum ICO limit is set at $ 2.8 million. Investors participating in an ICO will be eligible for bonuses of up to 20%, depending on the time they invest in their investments. More specifically, the following bonus rules will apply:
The first period is 01 / 03-08 / 03/2019: investors who invest within 7 days from the launch date of ICO will receive a bonus of 20%; Second period 08 / 03-15 / 03/2019: investors who invest within 7 days after the first period will receive a bonus of 10%; The third period 15 / 03-22 / 03/2019: investors who invest within 7 days after the expiration of the second period will receive a bonus of 5%;
BTV token allocation:
All BTV tokens will be divided into five main groups: Investors, BitValve Ltd, Risk reduction risks, Advisors and Bounties, who will receive the following percentage of the total number of BTV tokens: Investor: investors will receive the majority (70%) of all BTV tokens because the financial resources provided by them will be very important for (i) launching the ICO and (ii) development of platforms and BTV related tokens
BitValve Ltd: BitValve Ltd will receive 15% of all BTV tokens in exchange for preparing, managing and managing the project.
Risk mitigation: 12% of all BTV tokens will be saved to reduce risk objectives. The token will be sold only if the additional funds are really required.
Advisor: some advisors will receive 1% of all BTV tokens for provide advice on projects such as business, marketing, technology consulting and law.
Bounty: 2% of all BTV tokens will be used to reward influential individuals who spread information to ICO and ICO through various channels, including, without limitation, social networks, online news and blog posts.
Road map:
When working on the Project, the Company will be guided by the following “roadmap”. Dates in the “roadmap” are indicative and subject to change in accordance with the decision of the Company. If The company changes the estimated dates, the company will update this
Our team and advisors:
The BitValve team and advisors include experts who aim to make BitValve great success. Below we list our team (section 5.1) and advisers (section 5.2).
Konstantinos Berios
Founder and backend engineer IT professional who has made important contributions to business in sectors including iGaming, blockchain, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the system administration. Kostas was responsible for the safe operation of servers. millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and fiat. Some of these enterprises have become widely recognized and respected business ventures. Kostas spends most of his time developing innovative technologies that will make a positive difference in the world.
Julien Gionis
Branding Julien Gionis is the founder of StudioJugi, an award-winning design studio specializing in brand identification systems and visual design for brands, companies and professionals seeking to bring your business to a new level. His work is based on simplicity, merging strategy with world-class design. Julien's work was recognized through prestigious international design awards and published in numerous international books and magazines.
Nikiforos Kollaros
Designer UI / UX Nikiforos Kollaros is a visual designer based in Athens, Greece. Bachelor's Degree (Honors) from the University of London Middlesex, and received a first class degree. Him works are presented on various websites, publications and design blogs. His first job The steps were as a co-founder at one of the most promising project agencies in Greece.
John Marcostamos
Full stack engineer John Marcostomas is a full-stack engineer based in Athens, Greece. Possessor Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems from the University of Piraeus. John Over 7 years of experience in interface and backend technologies such as HTML, PHP, along with javascript and jQuery, and has been involved in numerous technologies projects.
Ben kaufman
Smart Contract Developer Ben Kaufman is an expert in block chain and crypto terminals with extensive knowledge of decentralized systems architecture, smart contract and the development of Dapps and cryptocurrency infrastructure. He has 5 years of experience in coding web, mobile, desktop and server applications. He develops smart contracts and dapps using Solidity and Vyper. He teaches people about Blockchain and help companies and individuals in the industry
Website: https://www.bitvalve.com/ Telegram Grub: https://t.me/bitvalve Facebook: http: //httphttps//www.facebook.com/bitvalvep2p/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitvalve Technical documentation: https://www.bitvalve.com/Whitepaper.pdf Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/usebitvalve
BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872
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Thermodynamics & Silent Weapons for Secret Wars or Crypto Anarchy 101: Statists Failing & Anarchists Thriving

Crypto Anarchy 101: Statists Failing & Anarchists Thriving
The black-market, the free-market, is what kept people alive throughout the worst of oppressions. The black market has been the art of surviving amidst all types of tyrannies and slaveries. The black market, aka System D, is something that everyone in the world will need to start getting comfortable with. CryptoAnarchy is the ultimate manifestation of complete market freedom, and it is here to stay.
Libertarians are beginning to finally realize their incredible advantage within this new market environment. The unfortunate statist masses have been programmed to feel uncomfortable with the mere idea of complete market freedom. Keep in mind that as of 2009, half of the world’s workers- around 1.8 billion – were employed by System D. The black market is only expected to grow even more so with the incentive structures being built out in order to advance the technological advancements of cryptography.
Humanity has never experienced a true free-market until now. For the first time in history one is beginning to take shape. The traditional business sector is beginning to realize that they are not even mentally equipped for the implications of having applied cryptography that is powered by market incentives. This is evident in their trite attempts at integrating these new technologies with traditional banking and financial systems. Their lack of creativity, and dependence on government, is a clear testament to how much they will be hurt in the coming future.
Statists Double Down after Failure: Tether and Stablecoins
Many within the crypto space have attempted to bridge the gap between legacy banking and cryptocurrencies. Amongst the various attempts at capitalizing with these new technologies, the idea of a stablecoin entered the space via Tether (USDT).
A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged on a 1 to 1 ratio to the US dollar, or any other asset- like gold- or fiat. Tether operated as a stable coin pegged to the US dollar on a 1 to 1 ratio. The biggest attribute behind stablecoins resided in their ability to provide stability in an otherwise volatile market.
For a long time many within the crypto space were curious about Tether’s means of operating with USD. Earlier this year TDV was the first entity to exclusively reported to its subscribers the origin of Tether’s “secret sauce;” fractional reserve banking.
The laws of fractional reserve banking allowed the Noble Bank of Puerto Rico to provide Tether with the legal means of operating as a stable coin pegged to the US dollar. The Noble Bank recently went bankrupt due to being insolvent. Noble Bank was the bank of Bitfinex and Tether. As a result, Tether and Bitfinex ended their relationship with Noble Bank.
It is important that you as a subscriber move your crypto out of Bitfinex. You should never keep your cryptoin exchanges. When you do this you don’t actually control the private keys of your coins.
(If you are an active trader, please consider using Bisq. Bisq is an open source decentralized exchange that does not control your private keys while trading. It is the most Anarchist exchange in the market right now.)
After losing its partnership with Noble Bank, Bitfinex began banking with HSBC. On October 15th, Bitfinex tweeted that their fiat deposit system was re-enabled. Overall, Bitfinex is still in the midst of reorganizing itself as an exchange with proper banking liquidity. For this reason we are of the opinion that it is best to stay away from Bitfinex until they are more solvent in their banking partnerships.
Tether (USDT) on the other hand is suffering from a lack of proper banking structures. Binance paused all USDT withdrawals and KuCoin, the exchange, also paused USDT deposits and withdrawals.
Tether is currently at around 2.1bn dollar market cap. Tether holders are having a difficult time cashing out of their Tether for USD. It is expected that unless Tether gets its banking situation sorted out, we will see movement out of Tether. This situation has caused the price of Tether to hit a low of $0.90 to the USD. As of writing this, Tether is trading at around $0.97 to the dollar.
The situation for Tether is dire at the present moment. We expect to see many Tether holders drop their Tether for Bitcoin, or other more cryptographically secure cryptocurrencies. This will more than likely be one of the main strategies that will be implemented in order to cash out of Tether.
This overall situation is once again showing us how unstable things are when dealing with fiat. We hope for the market to realize that there is more security in cryptocurrencies than there is in fiat backed stablecoins. Stablecoins will always have the instability of the fiat currencies that they are pegged to. The time will eventually come when people will realize that cryptocurrencies are a better store of value than stablecoins.
In spite of all of the issues circulating Tether, statist entrepreneurs are doubling down on their desire for stablecoins. We are seeing the beginning of what we believe will be a trend in the upcoming future; that is, stable coins pegged to various countries’ fiat and assets like precious metals. The new USD stablecoins recently announced to the market are GeminiUSD, TrueUSD, and Paxos Standard.
Volatility as a Sign of Life in the Market
Contrary to the statist perception on volatility, one can also view volatility in crypto as proper to a market that is fully alive. Crypto, for the first time in history, freed the market from bankster manipulation. Arguably, volatility is to be expected in an unregulated free-market where everyone in the world is for the first time welcomed to participate.
In comparison to the legacy financial system, crypto is fully alive while the former is handicapped by regulations, coercion, and disconnected from t