Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Ransomware Attacks Soars by Over 500%

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Cross-off another valid butt use-case: Ransomware

Older report from Dell but I just came across it while trying to build a list of strong use-cases for butts:
"Based on post-mortem data collected by researchers, CryptoWall has been less effective at producing income than CryptoLocker. Both malware families accepted payments via Bitcoin, with 0.27% of CryptoWall victims and 0.21% of CryptoLocker victims paying ransoms in bitcoins. CryptoLocker also accepted MoneyPak, and an additional 1.1% of victims paid ransoms using pre-paid MoneyPak cards. As of this publication, CryptoWall has only collected 37% of the total ransoms collected by CryptoLocker despite infecting nearly 100,000 more victims. CryptoWall's higher average ransom amounts and the technical barriers typical consumers encounter when attempting to obtain bitcoins has likely contributed to this malware family's more modest success. Additionally, it is likely the CryptoWall operators do not have a sophisticated "cash out" and laundering operation like the Gameover Zeus crew and cannot process pre-paid cards in such high volumes."
TL;DR fiat beats butts even in the realm of ransomware. So I'm back to just claiming it's only marginally useful for drugs.
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Backup your data now: New, more powerful ransomware using Tor spotted in the wild | Cybercrooks call the crypto-malware CTB-Locker (Curve-Tor-Bitcoin Locker) available in English and Russian, making countries that use those languages the prime targets for attackers.

Backup your data now: New, more powerful ransomware using Tor spotted in the wild | Cybercrooks call the crypto-malware CTB-Locker (Curve-Tor-Bitcoin Locker) available in English and Russian, making countries that use those languages the prime targets for attackers. submitted by bit_moon to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Re: crypto-locker attack via New York Times /r/Bitcoin

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Crypto locker bandits demand payment by bitcoin.

I work for a company that provides IT support for several hundred different clients. One of our clients' servers was infected with a variation of Crypto-locker, a piece of malware that encrypts the data on the device. The group behind the attack demand $700 in bitcoin for the key necessary to decrypt the data. We have decided to pay the ransom, as some of the data on the server was not being backed up. I have a Coinbase account, and a decent amount of experience with buying bitcoin through Coinbase, but we need this taken care of ASAP. I’ve heard of lcoalcoins, but how reliable is that? My question amounts to, what is the safest way to purchase this volume of bitcoin by the end of the day? Also, any experience with variations of cryptolocker would be helpful. I guess they have no reason not to give us the key after we pay the ransom, but who know, right?
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Silthx Crypto Locker C/Asm (Ransomware) UAC Bypass, All Windows OS /r/bitcoin_uncensored

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Crypto locker bandits demand payment by bitcoin. /r/Bitcoin

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Customer hit with crypto-virus looking for advice

Have a customer hit with a Crypto virus on the 11th only just told us today. Able to retrieve company files from shadow copies on NAS but PC running QuickBooks is past point of no return.
First question is, files have .smile at the end, does anyone have any ideas what virus may have infected the system?
Second question, customer is prepared to pay ransom, against my advice he emailed them and they want .5 of a bitcoin. I'm not advocating this but he wants to try. What's the safest way to buy Bitcoin?
We know and he knows he should have backups in place, he was meant to take manual backups of QuickBooks but for whatever reason it did not happen, I'm not looking to portion blame and lesson has been learned.
Just looking for some guidance and advice on options.
Thanks guys.
EDIT: Thanks for all the input, everyone has been so helpful. We managed to figure out the virus was one of two MedusaLocker or GlobeImposter 2.0. Neither have a public decrypter and unlikely to be one due to a unique key assigned to each encrypted PC. Determined that source was an email with a zip file disguised as a .odt file. Police were called but referred to a site already recommended on this post. No cyber cover in insurance. Most files now recovered but some that can't and deciding whether to pay ransom or rebuild files. Post has been really helpful, wish I could share the amazing chocolate truffles that were supplied as a thanks.
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Adoption in France: starting next year, you'll be able to pay in Bitcoin in 25000 stores

Article in french 20minutes is one of the most read website in France
Major brands in France will be accepting payments in Bitcoin (more cryptos will be accepted in time) as of next year.
Decathlon, Sephora, Boulanger, Foot Locker, etc... will accept payment in Bitcoin through EasyWallet app.
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My first experience buynig bitcoin no paxful, I hope people can learn from my experience.

So as a Crypto/bitcoin newbie, I decided to get my feet wet, and wanted to buy some bitcoins, after doing some research I have signed up on Paxful.
I found a seller who is selling 10 usd worth of bitcoin and accepting paypal. so I decided to give it a go. although he was listing the markup lower than most other listing(red flag number 1).
After i click on buying, i get sent to this chat/trade room, first thing I see is to read the seller's instruction and follow them, and then upload picture of proof that I pay. Then on the right hand side on the chat, his status say to whats app on a certain number if he is not replying. which i followed, he then message me back after a while on whatsapp, asking if i was ready to trade, i said yes. (the first trade where I added him has ended due to time expiry) then he produced a new trade on pax, which i clicked in, as isaw the max value goes to 60 usd, I said, let's just do 60 then.
he said ok, proceed to give me e-mail address on whatsapp for paypal ,which i proceeded with. Then the red flag start coming out, at first he said can't pay to my wallet,( i am trying to use a keepkey, as i said newbie here) and ask me if it was a blockchain wallet, so i opened 1 up, and then gave him the address.
He then tell me Pax has limited his transaction to 100 USD worth bitcoin everytime for some reason, which is happening to him a second time now. so ask me to send over additional money and he will send the bitcoin so i don't have to wait. This was a huge red flag for me, and I said I won't, and the only way is if he opens up another trade on pax, I will pay there, he refuses and said Pax coin locker limit etc etc, which I don't really know what it is.
So after him trying to attempt to get more out of me for 30 mins, he gave up. Then went on the pax trade chat room where i uploaded picture of payment and said to cancel trade as he never got any money, never talked to me. And said I am scamming him.
So i had to start a dispute case, his response in there is just he never chated with me and non status change before, As i put in the chat room waiting for moderator, i just told them to check his activity within 2 hours of that trade.
Then this morning,I checked my e-mail realized the closed trade had a link that was sent to my e-mail for record as it showed that instruction to message them on whatsapp, i quickly posted on the trade room, and when i click in, I realize that person changed the account name, so I am guessing what happen is they have someone else open the first trade using let's say John Doe, then after I added him on watsapp as per instruction, they have another person use that name to open another trade, so it is 2 different accounts, so when i try to dispute it, it looks like I am lying if they purely checked on the second username.
Awaiting decision and response from pax, I have sent in all proofs, and e-mails.
I told the scammer that to be honest, if he was patient and let the first trade completed, I would've lost a lot more once that trust was built. so a 60 usd lesson for me. So i hope other people especially newbies like myself be very very careful, as it looks like they have a scamming ring going on, as their trade history are all small amount with other new accounts within same days or so to boost trading record.
And Yes I know i made a lot of mistake in this transaction, so I am not asking for people to pity, but hope this post serves as reminder that these platforms are not perfect yet, and still a long way to go for trading on it.
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Non, 25 000 commerces n’accepteront pas les paiements en cryptomonnaie en France en 2020

Non, 25 000 commerces n’accepteront pas les paiements en cryptomonnaie en France en 2020

A l’occasion de Paris Retail Week, qui a débuté ce mardi 24 septembre, une dépêche sur un nouveau produit de Global P.O.S et reprise dans les médias laisse à penser qu’une trentaine d’enseignes vont accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaie dès 2020. L’Usine Digitale a pu s’entretenir avec le dirigeant de Global P.O.S, Stéphane Djiane, qui revient en détail sur sa plate-forme, en phase expérimentale. AUDE CHARDENON | PUBLIÉ LE 24 SEPTEMBRE 2019 À 15H57
Les magasins Boulanger, Foot Locker, Décathlon, Conforama, Intersport (et bien d’autres) vont-ils accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaie dès l’année prochaine ? C’est ce qu’une dépêche, reprise par bon nombre de médias, explique ce mardi 24 septembre 2019, laissant entendre qu’un déploiement massif est en cours.
Ainsi, selon une information publiée tôt ce matin, 25 000 points de vente en France accepteront le paiement par crypto-actifs dès 2020. Cette dépêche fait suite à une annonce, au premier jour de la Paris Retail Week, de Global P.O.S, un spécialiste de dématérialisation des remboursements des titres prépayés et du paiement digital. Dans un communiqué, Global P.O.S et ses partenaires annoncent néanmoins autre chose : ils font évoluer leur plate-forme d’acceptation de paiement, Easy2PlayPayment, afin de pouvoir y intégrer les paiements en cryptomonnaies dans les boutiques physiques.
Plus précisément, Global POS s’est appuyé sur ekino, Octo Technology, Smartchain, Havas Blockchain, Fidal, Deskoin et Savitar pour mettre à disposition des commerçants une solution leur permettant d’accepter le paiement en crypto-actifs. Ensemble, ils ont travaillé à l’ajout d’un module, et non des moindres, à Easy2PlayPayment. “Le travail d’écriture de la cryptomonnaie prend du temps, explique Stéphane Djiane, fondateur et dirigeant de Global P.O.S, à L’Usine Digitale. Il fallait un process fluide, mais également un outil permettant de garantir la conversion de bitcoins en euros”.
La solution s’inscrivant dans le cadre légal défini par la loi Pacte, ce sont les plates-formes d’échange qui sont en charge de la conversion des cryptomonnaies en euro. Grâce aux différents connecteurs compatibles avec les solutions Nepting et Famoco, des PME, restaurants et indépendants pourront accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaies. Par ailleurs, la solution plug and play ne change pas les habitudes des consommateurs et des enseignes.
Le dispositif permet donc à un commerçant de recevoir un paiement instantané effectué via l’application Easywallet, que l’utilisateur doit télécharger au préalable. Lors de la transaction, le coût de la transaction lui est signalé, et l’acheteur valide son achat. Un QR code est généré sur le smartphone, que l’hôte ou l’hôtesse de caisse doit scanner pour valider le paiement, qui s’effectue en temps réel, et en euros dans la caisse du commerçant. Les transactions seront pour le moment limitées à 1 000 euros, sous forme de bitcoins, mais l’objectif est d’ouvrir la solution à d’autres cryptomonnaies dans le futur.
Si Global P.O.S indique dans son communiqué que “25 000 points de vente pourront désormais accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaies”, il fait référence à son portefeuille de clients et à leur réseau physique. L’éditeur de logiciel, qui compte parmi ses clients une quarantaine d’enseignes dont Boulanger, Foot Locker, Décathlon, Conforama, Maison du Monde, Intersport, Cultura, Norauto ou encore Sephora, espère bien les convaincre d’adopter ce nouveau moyen de paiement. Il est sans surcoût pour les commerçants, Global P.O.S se rémunérant par commission de 1 à 3% de la transaction selon le taux de change.
Mais rien n’indique que ces retailers adopteront avec certitude cette brique technologique. “Nous la rendons disponible aux enseignes, qui vont décider, ou pas, de l’utiliser”, poursuit Stéphane Djiane. Une réalité bien différente de celle décrite par la dépêche publiée ce matin, qui indique que les acheteurs pourront régler leurs achats de cette façon dès 2020 dans 25 000 points de vente en France.
Si la technologie est extrêmement intéressante, on est très loin d’un déploiement à grande échelle et à court terme. Disponible au premier trimestre prochain, elle est actuellement en phase expérimentale chez 5 enseignes, dont les noms ne sont pas précisés, et ce jusqu’à la fin de l’année. “Les enseignes sont à l’écoute car les cryptomonnaies font régulièrement l’actualité, analyse Stéphane Djiane. Pour autant, elles ont besoin d’être accompagnées avant de prendre la bonne décision. Notre but est de leur faire comprendre qu’aujourd’hui, un commerçant ne peut se permettre de refuser un moyen de paiement”.
Selon l’étude Kantar TNS 2018, plus de quatre millions de Français possèdent des cryptomonnaies. Reste à savoir si comme moyen de paiement, elles peuvent s’installer durablement dans leur quotidien.
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Crypto Ransomes

Much as I hate to feed them I am in the position of having to pay the ransom for a crypto locker. Basically, the customer hadn't been rotating their backups so both their onsite backup and the offsite (external USB) has been encrypted. Last good backup is over 6 months old
They've been hit by this -
We are still trying to identify if it came in through us/webroot etc.
However, regardless of the infection vector, has anyone any experience of actually paying the ransom and getting their files decrypted?
Update: We paid, and getting hold of that much bitcoin in one go is hassle! looks like it worked but we've not tested the vhd's yet as we want to get a backup off before spinning them up.

Update 2 - just been sent a link to this - - worth knowing for anyone in my position in the future!
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Bitcoin Crypto Art Bitcoin Wall Art Canvas Bitcoin Decor For Home Or Office Cryptocurrency.

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Major France Retailers To Accept Crypto Payments From 2020

Major France Retailers To Accept Crypto Payments From 2020

Decathlon Along With Other 30 Retailers Will Accept Crypto Payments From 2020 At More Than 25,000 Sales Points
Despite the crypto sector still being in its early phases of maturing, French retailers are mass adopting the cryptocurrencies as a new way of making payments.
By Q1 of 2020, more than 25,000 point-of-sales at over 30 retail merchants will be available for customers. Some of the retailers include giants like Decathlon, the home decore store Maisons Du Monde and the perfume outlet Sephora. Other companies that are placed on the list include Boulanger, Foot Locker, Conforama, and Global POS.
The participating retailers will use Global POS’ Easy2Play and EasyWallet services. The expected launch of the system is set to take place no further than Q1 of 2020, but initial tests may happen even sooner.
“Retailers’ business as usual model will not be affected by the implementation. The exchange will carry the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat”, was stated during the Paris Retail Week.
French retailers unite for crypto adoption amid the long-awaited Libra launch, scheduled for 2020. The stablecoin, developed by Facebook and their partners may provide a positive push towards even greater crypto adoption by merchants.
GlobalPOS, which claims to be a leader in the area of dematerialized payments, stated that retailers could join in “the universe of the 3.0 economy without risks”. Stephane Dijane, GlobalPOS founder, added that initially, the platform will support Bitcoin only, with plans for broader crypto acceptance in the months following the launch.
Based on research documentation, three to six percent of France’s population owns or is willing to own cryptocurrencies. For Grégory Hervein, the co-founder of cat and dog products business Mustaches, the adoption of crypto is a challenge.
“We are all aware of the expectations the public has when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We are sending a message to the whole community by adopting cryptocurrencies”, Hervein added.
Retailers’ main concerns are about crypto volatility, as the crypto sector matures. Bitcoin, for example, recorded lows of $9,427.99, and highs of $10,873.82 over the past month.
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France: 25,000 Major Retail Stores To Accept Bitcoin In 2020

France: 25,000 Major Retail Stores To Accept Bitcoin In 2020

News by Cointelegraph: Marie Huillet
By early 2020, support for Bitcoin payments will be launched at over 25,000 sales points for 30 French retailers, including sportswear giant Decathlon and cosmetics store Sephora.
French crypto news outlet Cryptoglobe reported the development, announced during Paris Retail Week, on Sept. 24.

25,000 retailers to enter Economy 3.0 via Bitcoin

The new cryptocurrency payments system is launching via a partnership between point-of-sale technology provider Global POS, the EasyWallet application and payments platform Easy2Play.
While payments will be made in Bitcoin (BTC), funds will be automatically converted into euros at the moment of sale.
Conversion services are to be provided by two partners, Deskoin and Savitar, both of whom are currently applying for Digital Asset Service Provider accreditations under France’s PACTE Act.
Alongside Decathlon and Sephora, well-known retailers signing on to the initiative include Boulanger, Foot Locker, World House, Intersport, Cultura, Maisons du Monde and Norauto.
Stéphane Djiane, CEO and founder of Global POS, has given a statement proposing that:
“This is an important symbolic step in the evolution of payment methods in France. However, more than a symbol, what we bring to 25,000 outlets is the ability to safely enter the world of Economy 3.0.”

After Bitcoin, altcoins could be next

By enabling consumers to use their cryptocurrency holdings at physical retail locations within a legalized and regulated framework, the initiative aims to broaden adoption beyond the currently estimated 4 million French crypto owners.
While Bitcoin remains the sole cryptocurrency on the cards for now, Dijane has indicated the platform intends to roll out support for altcoins in the future.
In January of this year, a handful of tobaccos shops in Paris started to sell Bitcoin, notwithstanding mixed messages from local regulators and the central bank.
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I paid a school shooter my son hired on the deep web.

Part 1
I’ve been reading the comments and frankly I think some of your responses are sad. For one, my son was thirteen. Implying that I wouldn’t know how to use a computer is hilarious. I’m thirty-four. I’ve been online longer than my son had been alive. That’s the difference between my generation and yours. When I did all my crazy stuff online, there wasn’t such a thing as social media. Let’s just say that if you had been running around on the old Yahoo Chat user rooms or played around on Freednode IRC that you would have run into more than one woman like myself that had been a bit of an exhibitionist in college.
I spent three days going through my son’s computer offline. I learned a lot. He kept a detailed journal. Six students and three staff members died in the shooting. With the exception of my son, I think every single one of them deserved to die. The students had been bullying my son. The teachers had been turning a blind eye to the abuse. However, the school counselor was the worst of the bunch. John Garrett had been counseling my son online. David kept logs of all of his DM’s. It didn’t take much reading to find out that Mr. Garrett was grooming my son for a different kind of abuse.
John Garrett had manipulated my son into performing lewd acts on webcam. The sick fuck had convinced my son that it would build his self-esteem. What started with nude selfies or the occasional cam show turned into David performing on livestreams for rooms full of anonymous pedophiles who would tip him with Bitcoin and other assorted crypto-currencies. I accessed his Bitcoin wallet and found that these men had paid my son a sum in excess of four Bitcoin. Feel free to check the conversion rate on that one. That was simply my son’s cut. From reading the chat logs, I can only surmise that John Garrett was keeping the larger portion of these tips for himself.
Somewhere along the way a few students at his school figured out that my son was a homosexual. Apparently my son had expressed a crush on a local boy who did not share his affection. These idiot kids proceeded to push him into lockers or call him a faggot. When my son would bring this to the attention of his teachers, they’d do nothing. This led to my son talking to John Garrett. If JeffTK hadn’t already seen to his death, I’d have already spent an evening or two peeling the skin from John Garrett’s dick with a potato peeler.
If you haven’t guessed already, I’m not posting these updates in real time. Over the course of the last few weeks I have become a bitter woman. I’ve been using my son’s Adderall to stay awake and my husband’s vodka to take the edge off. I’ve already catalogued all of the information on my son’s desktop. I used the funds from his BitCoin wallet to procure a new laptop and I’ve spent my days at home diving into the world John Garrett had introduced him to. Once I was fairly certain I had familiarized myself with enough of the details I went back to that private IRC server with my own screen name.
I messaged JeffTK and asked for a QR code I could use to send him the remaining payment. No questions were asked and I sent him the five-thousand dollars my son owed him. What followed was a conversation that read like this:
PoesMom: So how does this work? Can I give you another list of names?
JeffTK: A list of names? For what?
PoesMom: Cute. My son was short-sighted. It didn’t take me long to figure out most of his viewers were associates of John Garrett.
JeffTK: We are well aware of that situation.
PoesMom: How long did you have a RAT on his system?
JeffTK: Long enough. I assume you have three names for me?
PoesMom: Four.
JeffTK: Four?
PoesMom: Four. Andrew Rubens, Sterling Rutherford, Malcolm Turner, and Glenn Wade.
JeffTK: Who is Glenn Wade?
PoesMom: Glenn Wade is a poster on Reddit who encouraged my son to kill himself.
JeffTK: This will cost you more than you have.
PoesMom: I’m sure we can work something out.
JeffTK: I’m sure we can.
Three men who worked as school counselors at various local schools would be having a very bad week. One internet troll would be having a very bad day. Even after dumping all of my son’s crypto-currency I would still be in debt to these men for more than ten-thousand dollars. I didn’t care that people were going to die. Any sympathy I had for the world died with my son. No sooner than I had secured this deal though, I received a phone call.
I answered and a very familiar voice said, “Mom, what have you done?”
Three weeks of hatred fell away as the tears poured from my eyes. I replied, “David baby? Is that you?”
“Why mom? Why are you doing this?” David said in a concerned tone.
I shot back, “They took you away from me baby. I’m going to make them pay for it in blood.”
I stared down at the cordless handset and realized that it was off. I had been awake for longer than a week. It was becoming harder and harder to distinguish what was real and what was just another hallucination brought on by lack of sleep. I stared at the handset and cried all over again. My son was gone. He had spent the last months of his life being violated and abused by those he was supposed to trust the most. Worst of all, instead of coming to me, he choose to die. No one was going to come out of this sitting pretty.
I popped three more pills and chased it with a mixture of sprite and vodka. It wasn’t long before I received a DM that read,
“You ready to earn the rest of that money?”
Part 3
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[Task] Forget Cash Back Cards - "Bitcoin Back" Up To 30% Launches At Walmart, Safeway, Foot Locker, Hilton Hotels and More...

Just announced 'Earn Bitcoin back' rewards program - Up To 30% - Beating Cashback Cards By A Long Shot:
If you're the kind of person who buy groceries, shoes, clothes, and occasionally travels and stay in a hotel - you can now turn these purchases into Bitcoin earning moments.
The retailers include Safeway, Walmart, Foot Locker, Groupon, Hilton Hotels, Princeline, Hotweire, Sams Club, Finish line and a whole lot more you can view on their site.
Try it out and start off with your first credit of $10 BTC!
Full info @
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Pick apart my idea - Contracts for Leasing Hardware?

The only other example of this business model that comes to mind are the "cloud mining" companies that were popping up in 2017 during the crypto bull run. Examples are Genesis Mining and Hashflare. These companies would buy and manage their own hardware required to "mine" crypto currencies, and investors would pay them for the rights to some of their hardware. Therefore these investors were essentially leasing out the hardware, and had to pay a flat upfront fee and a daily maintenance cost, and could keep any profit that was leftover after the coins had been mined.

This business model completely removes the market risk (bitcoin price risk) from the equation for the company, since they were marking up their hardware in the initial flat fee PLUS it had a 2 year turn around on the contract, so another investor could pay the same amount of money for hardware that was already paid off by the previous owner. On top of that, the variable costs for the company were all covered through the daily maintenance fee, which was a flat fee not linked to the market either. So company was able to take advantage of the "gold rush" by brokering these mining contracts to investors who thought they would earn a 300% ROI in year one.
Now, if I were to apply this business model say in a vending machine type business (or locker rentals), what would the downsides be? From my due diligence, as long as you could PROVE that there is enough demand for the vending machines/lockers to be profitable, could I not create lease contracts that I could market to universities, businesses etc, where they would then assume the market risk and make a profit or not, and I just collect the initial flat fee + monthly variable costs (with a markup of course)?
Please let me know your thoughts and looking forward to the discussion.
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Adding more products/services to existing Business

Looking for some guidance
My brother owns a welding/fabrication shop that is an LLC, and we are looking to expand or ad