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Pizza is love, Pizza is life


If I randomly typed 34 alphanumberic characters what are the odds that it would be a valid bitcoin address??

Assuming I started with a valid number (e.g. 1) and did not use excluded characters: If I randomly typed 34 alphanumeric characters, what are the odds that it would be a valid bitcoin address??
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"Not a valid bitcoin address" with Wasabi Wallet?

Brand new, interested in Bitcoin... running into a problem.
I downloaded Wasabi Wallet and generated a new wallet. I then generated a receiving address to use with (I have bitcoins on a paper wallet I'm trying to transfer over).
On putting the receiving address into it returns an error saying "Not a valid bitcoin address"
What am I missing?
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"Not a valid bitcoin address" with Wasabi Wallet? /r/BitcoinBeginners

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Newbie help- not a valid bitcoin address

Hi- looking for some pointers if possible please!
Bought some bitcoin about 3 years back, and I moved them to a multibit classic wallet.
Left them... 3 years later and I'm trying to move the coins back from that old laptop onto an exchange.
In the exchange (kraken), I have generated a deposit address. In multibit classic- I am then trying to send to that address (copying address details into notepad and moving from machines using a USB stick).
I keep getting an error though- "the address is not a valid bitcoin address".
I have double checked the address on block - and it looks fine, so I don't think it's a copy paste issue. Trying to send 0.08 so not a huge amount, but ample enough to cover transaction cost.
Any suggestions of what I could check??
Thanks in advance
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Newbie help- not a valid bitcoin address /r/Bitcoin

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Not a valid Bitcoin address

Tried to send a deposit but the address i was given comes back as being a invalid address for bitcoins
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Code to validate bitcoin address (including multisig) in PHP?

Anyone know any code to validate bitcoin address (including multisig) in PHP? There is validator codes out there but they are old and dont support new multisig addresses
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Validating Bitcoin Addresses In Python

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HIRING: Google Apps function that validates Bitcoin addresses

Write a function that I can use directly in a Google Apps script. It should accept a Bitcoin address as a parameter, and it should return true or false depending on whether the address is valid.
Bid how much you want to be paid.
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What is the probability of mistyping a bitcoin address and sending coins to another valid address by chance?

Something sort of cool happened today. Out of nowhere, roughly .2btc arrived in one of my HD wallets. The address that it came to is one that I hadn't yet generated for my own use prior to receiving the money so I know I didn't use or otherwise broadcast the address in the past for anyone to have possibly known about it.
It's not a ton of money, but it's definitely not just dust either so I don't suspect that I'm being fished.. but I don't intend to move the money without mixing it anyways just in case. And if it is a fishing attempt, it still means they would have just guessed at a valid address...?
I have been told that the odds of someone guessing or accidentally typing a valid bitcoin address was pretty slim but I really can't imagine how else these funds would have come to an address that even I had never seen before.
So all that just to ask if anybody knows if the odds are super low like 1 in a million or is it relatively low like 1 in 100 ... assuming it was just a char or two that was off from another valid address?
Oh, and is there a way I can find out how far down the chain of HD addresses this address is?
..and thank you whoever you were!
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What’s the best ways to Identify phished markets ? Is there anyway to check valid bitcoin address?
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Trying to send to Native Segwit from Legacy address

Ledger Live is saying "This is not a valid Bitcoin address" when I try to send to a Native Segwit (bech32) address from a Legacy address. Can this not be done??
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Can't withdraw btc "enter valid address "

Recent problems with the app? I've been using Gemini for at least a couple years , but only recently it tell me "please enter a valid bitcoin address" when I copy paste my wallet address. What's going on?
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Blocking sextortion email

Has anyone had any luck in creating a rule to block sextortion emails? I have been working on a rule to use RegEx to look for valid bitcoin addresses as well as at least 3 matches of a list of common sextortion keywords. The problem is that these emails use many Cyrillic characters or misspellings which it makes it very difficult to reliable detect. If anyone has a list of keywords common to sextortion emails that they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it.
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Claim Your Hex With Ledger

First off, I’m not that technical of a guy. I just tinkered for several hours until I got this to work. I used this process for 3 bitcoin addresses I have on ledger and it worked each time. If this helps you then help me by using my link to claim your hex, you get an extra 10% bonus I also get a bonus we all win. Ok here goes my process. You will need your ledger of course, a text editor and the old ledger wallet bitcoin chrome extension. The new ledger live app does not have a function to sign transactions. If you don’t have this extension already installed it won’t work. I didn’t find it on the chrome store anymore even when using the ID number. I did however see some shady ledger extensions on the chrome store with misspelled words. Please don’t use any of those unless you like losing money. If you don’t have an old ledger wallet bitcoin chrome extension you may need to download the electrum wallet and follow similar steps. FYI at this point I do not recommend buying any hex with Eth but you should free claim if you can. You never know what the future holds.
Step 1: Open the ledger wallet bitcoin extension app and connect your ledger. (Sometimes I had to exit and re-enter the bitcoin app on my physical ledger a couple of times to get the app to connect). You will be asked to choose bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Choose bitcoin of course then choose segwit.
Step 2: Click on the bitcoin account you want to claim then click on see all operations. Depending on how active your account is you may have several operations listed.
Step 3: Click on an operation to pull up the operation detail. At this point make sure your text editor is open. You will now see the “From” and “To” sections. Highlight all of the “To” addresses copy and paste them into the text editor. You may only have one address or you may have
Multiple. DELETE all addresses that do not begin with a 3.
Step 4: If you had multiple “To” addresses under your operation detail, now comes the time consuming part. Click on settings, then tools, then sign message. Click on address under sign message. Now in the search field copy and paste an address from your text editor list into the search field. If it’s an invalid address it should say “No results match”. Delete that address from your list and repeat the process with another address until you find an address that returns a match. (One of my accounts had 87 address. It took 10-15 mins, not to bad, but still annoying. If anyone has a better process please share to help others out.)
Step 4: Shameless shill….. use my link which will take you to Then click on the link go.hex.winn. Click the claim tab. Enter the valid bitcoin address from your text editor list into the bitcoin address field then click claim this address.
Step 5: Click the copy icon to copy the message under the “please sign this message with your Bitcoin address” field. Go back to sign message in your ledger wallet bitcoin chrome extension. Make sure you have the valid address you found selected and then paste the message in the message box and click sign. Confirm sign message on your ledger device.
Step 6: Highlight and Copy everything between ----BEGIN SIGNATURE---- and ---END BITCOIN SIGNED MESSAGE---. Then paste this into the signature field on go.hex claim page and submit. Congratulations you’re done.
Tip: If for some reason you run into an error message in the ledger wallet bitcoin app. Make sure your nano ledger is unlocked. You many need to exit the app on ledger then re-open it or even close app extension and disconnect ledger and reopen everything. This happened to me and it worked.
Referral Link:
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BitPay continually updates their system to PREVENT it from generating valid payment addresses for you, great customer service guys!

Literally is it too hard for them to just tell me the ADDRESS that I need to send payment to? How on Earth did Bitpay fuck up their payments system so badly that you can no longer get any valid bitcoin address to send them money any more? Literally people found two hacks to get the address, and they updated twice to remove those hacks and PREVENT you from getting ANY valid payment address. What in the hell.
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A story about buying Pizza with Bitcoin

Yesterday I bought my first Pizza with Bitcoin. Sadly, this was a pretty unpleasant experience. But one I want to share with you guys. Maybe it can help someone with the same problems, maybe we can improve something. So let me start my story.

I checked a few delivery services in my area and found one that offers Bitcoins as a payment method. Since I never really used Bitcoin for payments I thought, let's try this and maybe I can even convince my wife that Bitcoin is pretty useable now.

So I chose my Pizza and some food for the wife and went on to pay for it. I had some Bitcoin (about 20 USD) on my phone wallet (Eclair) and thought that should be an easy deal. Yeah, how wrong I was...

I got to the payment process and they forwarded me to Bitpay. First thing I see is "choose your currency"

o) Bitcoin (network cost 0.50 USD)
o) Bitcoin Cash (network cost 0.00 USD)

It kinda felt like they wanted to push me towards BCH (maybe that's just me). But it's still nice to have some options to pay. Especially because the food delivery service only offered Bitcoin payments on his homepage.

At the same time, a countdown started to finish my payment before the order gets rejected (about 15 min).

So I chose Bitcoin and got a QR code I can scan to pay it. I scanned the code with my wallet and got the error "This is not a valid Bitcoin address". Well, shit. My countdown was already down to 12 minutes so I had to hurry and figure out what's wrong.

Next step I tried to copy the address and paste it into my wallet, but still not working. I was just getting some strange looking link (bitcoin:?r= Countdown was down to 10 minutes.

After that, I looked it up on google and saw that Bitpay seemingly tries to force feed their own wallet on you to make payments. Since I didn't want to download their wallet or even send my money there (especially because I only had a few minutes left), I looked further and found some help on Bitcointalk. Some users there found a way around this with using a decoder that changes the Bitpay link into an actual Bitcoin address. (

The site itself didn't look that trustworthy but since I only got about 3 minutes left I went on to gave it a try. I sent my Bitcoin to the decoded address. And look there, it worked. Bitpay told me they see my payment but we need to wait for confirmation. But wait, there is more.

Since I didn't look into the payment details I did send a little bit too much money (included too much transaction fees). So I ended up paying something like 3x the from Bitpay recommended fee. But I didn't mind that so much. What troubled me was the message Bitpay showed me, it was something like that:

"This payment was made with a low bitcoin miner fee, which may prevent it from being accepted by the bitcoin network. This is an issue with the configuration of your bitcoin wallet. If the transaction doesn't confirm, the funds will be again in your wallet in about 48-72 hours."

And I was like, what? How could the fee be to low if I used three times more than recommended? Should I now wait 72 hours before ordering a new Pizza? Becoming more and more hungry I still decided to wait out and see if my transactions will get confirmed. And my patience got rewarded, about half an hour later they confirmed my payment and the order got routed to the Pizza Restaurant. An hour later I finally got my Pizza and it was delicious. Well, maybe because I was already dying because I was so hungry but still. At least I had a happy end.

Needlessness to say, I couldn't convince my wife to use Bitcoin for further Pizza deliveries. Moreover, I can't even recommend it to anyone new to Bitcoin because that was quite a shitty experience. Mostly because of Bitpay I would argue.

Don't get me wrong, I really love Bitcoin and the opportunities it provides. But it seems, we still have a long way to go for mass adoption (or even an easy way to order Pizza).

Since I would love to improve that process I thought about sending that delivery service some feedback. To even give them an opportunity to improve, I think they would have to move away from Bitpay to another payment service. Anything you guys can recommend for Europe?
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How do you use Bitcoin and Python?

To get started with Bitcoin using Python, we need,
Setup your Computer:
Install Python
Download and install python from
Install bitcoin python library
After you finish installing Python, open your command line program and execute below command to install bitcoin python library
pip install bitcoin
Hello Bitcoin — Generate a Private key
We will start with a writing a “Hello World” equivalent of Bitcoin in Python. To write your python, you can need a code or text editor which supports writing in ASCII format. You cannot use MS Word of Wordpad for this. You could use Notepad, but we recommend using Atom Code Editor, a free code editor.
Open your favorite editor and type in below code. In this code, we are first importing the bitcoin library. We are then generating a private key using random_key function and we are then displaying the private key on the screen.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()print(my_private_key)Save it as a .py file and then open your command line program and run the above program like this.python
This will print out a private key.
Generate a Public Key
Next we generate a public key. We do this by passing the private key we generated to privtopub function
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)print(my_public_key
Create a bitcoin address
In the previous programs we generated private and public keys. Now, we are going to real bitcoin part. In the below code, we are generating a bitcoin address by passing the public key we generated to pubtoaddr function.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)my_bitcoin_address = pubtoaddr(my_public_key)print(addr)
Create a Multi-signature Address
Next, we create a multi-signature bitcoin address. Multi-signature address is an address that is associated with more than one private key. So, we first create 3 public and private keys. We then create a multi-sig by passing the 3 public keys to mk_multisig_script function. Finally, the resulting multi-sig is passed to scriptaddr function to create the multi signature bitcoin address.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key1 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 1: ‘ + my_private_key1)my_public_key1 = privtopub(my_private_key1)print(‘Public Key 1: ‘ + my_public_key1)my_private_key2 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 2: ‘ + my_private_key2)my_public_key2 = privtopub(my_private_key2)print(‘Public Key 2: ‘ + my_public_key2)my_private_key3 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 3: ‘ + my_private_key3)my_public_key3 = privtopub(my_private_key3)print(‘Public Key 3: ‘ + my_public_key3)my_multi_sig = mk_multisig_script(my_private_key1, my_private_key2, my_private_key3, 2,3)my_multi_address = scriptaddr(my_multi_sig)print(‘Multi-Address: ‘ + my_multi_address)
View address transaction history
We can also look at pre-existing bitcoin addresses’ transactional history. We do this passing a valid bitcoin address to function history.
  1. from bitcoin import *print(history(a_vaid_bitcoin_address))
If you don’t have an address, you can look one up from Blockchain.
In this tutorial, we introduced bitcoin with python. We saw how to get set up with python for bitcoin. We saw how to generate a private key, public key, and a bitcoin address. We also saw how to create a multi-signature bitcoin address and how to look at the transactional history of a bitcoin address.
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[7 mbtc] Quizchain 2 Block 50

Thank you for playing the quizchain. Last block was way too simple. Actually I made a mistake when posting. I disclosed the TOMI field when posting about the format, wrote "TOMI Google slogan" instead of "TOMI [TOMI].
Probably would not have been much more difficult without that mistake, but at least it would not have been a pure race to confirmation.
And sorry, no big block for that mistake. I do those only if the mistake in question makes it more difficult to solve a block.
Anyway, this block will be much more difficult again. May well need a hint, in which case the hint will come up in 24 hours from now.
Normal 7 mbtc block (now more than $80), funding transaction below.
Question: 111111111111111111111
Format: [solution] TOMI [TOMI]
First three digits of MD5 hash are c32.
First digit of solution only Md5 hash is 8.
First two digits of TOMI field only MD5 hash are 64.
Have fun challenging this slightly more difficult block and stay tuned for block 51 coming up tomorrow (Thursday) 8 am Japanese time.
Update: Solved and prize claimed a couple of hours after posting.
As explained by the winner in a comment below, solution was "4oLvT2" and TOMI field was "address checksum". That is because the 21 ones are a very short valid Bitcoin address. Once you see that, it is only a question of finding the checksum, which the winner did by using a block explorer.
I found this in this bitcointalk post when researching address checksums:
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Are Bitcoin transactions any way traceable?

All Bitcoin transactions are public, traceable, and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin addresses are the only information used to define where bitcoins are allocated and where they are sent. However, once addresses are used, they become tainted by the history of all transactions they are involved with.
But you should keep in mind, a Bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed, it can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds.
If you sent the BTC to a valid but unowned address, the BTC would go there and be lost. If you tried to send bitcoins to an invalid address, your transaction will not be valid and will not be processed by the network. Hence no bitcoin will have moved. All syntax-valid Bitcoin addresses exist already.
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I need help with Bovada, everytime I try to withdraw my money it says "Please enter a valid Bitcoin wallet address."

Its my first time using Bitcoin so I dont really know what Im doing. I use electrum can someone help me out here?
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Valid Address with no private key?

I want to know if it's possible to create a valid Bitcoin address that provably does not have an associated private key
I guess if anyone wanted to burn coins they can send to Satoshi?
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What is a Bitcoin Address? New Bitcoin Private Key Finder Non Spendable Bitcoin Bitcoin Generator 2020 - Mining Pool Inject + Payment Proof Live BITCOIN GENERATOR ( WORKING) - YouTube How to find wallet bitcoin address with balance 2018 Real 100% working

The checksum also allows Bitcoin software to confirm that a 33-character (or shorter) address is in fact valid and isn't simply an address with a missing character. Purpose and opportunities [ edit ] Transfer/receive transactions of Bitcoins ( Cryptocurrency , BTC) can be performed via address like the work with e-mail messages. Valid Address Checker. One of the current problems for novice users of bitcoin is the large address that is sent to and from other users. Additionally, once funds are sent there is no way to retrieve them. Finding the physical owner of a bitcoin address could also be problematic, so the best thing is to have a Valid Address Checker. Short Answer: A Bitcoin address is a unique number that “holds” bitcoin currency. You use the address to receive and send bitcoins. Medium Sized Answer: A. The transaction (the transfer of value) was signed with the owner’s private key and you check that it’s valid using their public key. With our online tool, you can verify and validate if a Bitcoin address or multiple addresses are valid. Bitcoin Address allowed by our tool are base58 or xpub format. Our tool will check up to 50 Bitcoin addresses by process, if you want to check more than 50 addresses, please divide your list and check up to 50 addresses at a time. Task. Write a program that takes a bitcoin address as argument, and checks whether or not this address is valid.. A bitcoin address uses a base58 encoding, which uses an alphabet of the characters 0 .. 9, A ..Z, a .. z, but without the four characters:

[index] [10167] [30560] [20928] [29672] [11664] [15605] [18828] [1860] [28447] [18368]

What is a Bitcoin Address?

Unlike a bank account number, a Bitcoin wallet can generate an unlimited number of Bitcoin addresses, which can be used to identify incoming funds from regular payers, or even as a way of ... If you want to someone to send you money to your Bitcoin account, Give them this address. you may donate to our network via Bitcoin as well :) Bitcoin address ... How to generate free Bitcoin 1. Enter your personal Bitcoin Wallet Address – make sure to enter a valid wallet address. I am recommended Create New Account on Blockchain or Coinbase. The ownership of Bitcoin is determined by the digital private key, Bitcoin address and digital signature. Private keys are created by users and stored in wallet files or database, rather than ... A NEW OPPORTUNITY IN THE WORLD OF BITCOIN Many those who are looking for years of software, blasting, or to generate bitcoins, but without success. In this video I show you a script that allows ...

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