Antal Fekete: Gold Backwardation and the Collapse of the

Why Deutsche Bank is Only the Tip of the Iceberg. Timing Hyperinflation & Gold: The Only Indestructable Form of Capital Secret Of The Golden Coin 1958 Full Movie streaming ... Dinero y Patrón Oro - YouTube Negative Dollar Rates Would Lead to a Run on the Fiat Currency System.

Bitcoin in this context is like an attempt to reverse cause and effect. Gold is money because people strongly desired it for its physical properties and then, subsequently, discovered that it was the most marketable good and thus useful as money. Bitcoin bypasses this and attempts to go straight to being money. Antal Fekete: As I hinted a while ago, increasing the volume of money does not necessarily cause an increase in the price level. The Quantity Theory of Money is a false theory. In spite of an eightfold increase in the stock of money in America the price of crude oil was cut in half and the price of iron, copper and a number of other metals Years ago Antal Fekete commented that the gold contango was much “wider” when gold futures began trading in the 1970s. My first question is this: Is that observation true; back then having access to a commercial spot gold price quote during spot futures trading hours would have been much more difficult than nowadays; does MM have the data Antal Fekete: Columbia University professor Michael Woodford, the world’s most closely followed monetary theorist said recently that if we are going to scare the horses, might as well scare them properly. He said it in an allegorical sense: loose talk about ending QE and about exit strategies is amateurish. Claudio Grass interviews Professor Antal E. Fekete. GLOBAL GOLD: “Prof. Fekete, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you. You are a fierce critic of the current monetary system and a strong proponent of the gold standard, particularly the variety that combines with the Real Bills Doctrine (RBD) of Adam Smith which we shall get into later.

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Why Deutsche Bank is Only the Tip of the Iceberg.

Jocko Podcast 231 w/ Dave Berke: 231: Welcome Stiff Competition and Keep Your Ego in Check. Top Gun - Duration: 3:03:38. Jocko Podcast Recommended for you. New Another speeches and writings session. This time we are reading the paper titled, "Timing Hyperinflation" by professor Antal E. Fekete. Remember, gold is the only indestructible form of capital. Erfahren Sie ökonomische und gesellschaftliche Zusammenhänge, welche Ihnen die Erfinder des gegenwärtigen Geldsystems vorenthalten wollen. Deutsch synchronisierte Fassung unter ... Part 17 - Antal Fekete - Gold Bonds II by Prof. Antal Fekete. 55:59. Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve ... Tim Draper Predicts $10,000 Per Bitcoin by 2018 by Michael Alexander. 3:43 (DEVIL ... Antal Fekete: Primero deflación y después la hiperinflación by Asociación Española de Metales Preciosos. ... Bitcoin, oro y la competitividad entre monedas by goldmoneyespanol.

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