The Many Facts Pointing to Dorian Nakamoto Being Satoshi

Dorian Nakamoto again denies creating bitcoin Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is not Dorian Nakamoto, he says

Dorian Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoin Donors on YouTube Jon Southurst Apr 22, 2014 The Californian man accused by Newsweek of being the founder of bitcoin has thanked the community for its support. In the weeks since Newsweek boisterously claimed to have identified bitcoin’s mysterious creator as 64-year-old Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, evidence has piled up that the once-venerable magazine was wrong.Almost immediately after Dorian Nakamoto insisted to the Associated Press that he was not involved with bitcoin in any way, but was actually a financially struggling retired engineer, noted Her strongest selling point was that Dorian’s birth name was actually Satoshi Nakamoto, not Dorian. Dorian at the time of the expose, was a 64-year-old retired physicist. Also, Dorian is a very well-educated Engineer, and his career and skill set contributed to the idea that he could actually create Bitcoin. Dorian Nakamoto is the man with the friendly face most people now associate with the creator of Bitcoin. He was outed as Satoshi in March 2014 by Newsweek Magazine, which created a media frenzy Satoshi Nakamoto is definitely a bright and gifted person and so is his namesake, Dorian Nakamoto. In 2014, Newsweek Magazine aimed to reveal the identity of true Satoshi. During its investigation, a journalist Leah McGrath Goodman found a man who suits well to be a father of Bitcoin.

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Dorian Nakamoto again denies creating bitcoin

Dorian Nakamoto, Disputed Bitcoin Inventor, is Traffic Safety Advocate - Duration: 4:17. Nathan Baker 9,632 views. 4:17. Who I believe is Satoshi Nakamoto and Why - New Evidence - Duration: 18:30. ... The man Newsweek tagged as the creator of bitcoin has once again denied his involvement with the virtual currency. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS Yup, Bitcoin. But no one really knew who Nakamoto was in real life, until yesterday when Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman outed the person she thinks invented the world's most successful ...

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