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Let's use Mike Hearn's Coinbase Reallocation to stop the censoring scammer KnCMiner!

Mike Hearn posted Coinbase Reallocation this morning to let the honest majority of hashing power regulate criminal miners like BitUndo. It's a really simple idea! Dishonest blocks and the miners who mine them are identified out-of-band by the community of reputable mining pools. For BitUndo that means submitting double-spends via the service and watching for them to be included in blocks. When they are the honest miners vote with their hashing power, just like they voted on whether or not Bitcoin needs new soft-forked features like P2SH.
When a coinbase output, the reward for mining, reaches the 100 block maturity the protocol simply counts up all the votes for the block. If a majority agrees the block is honest, great! But if not the coinbase reward is put into a pot of funds that subsequent honest blocks are allowed to claim for themselves. Unlike re-orging out dishonest blocks this isn't disruptive - confirmations are never undone - and at the same time it ensures that the bad miners can't profit from their malicious actions. It's compatible with nearly all major clients too because SPV clients, like Android Wallet and Multibit, just check that transactions are included in blocks and leave validation up to the mining community. (the idea being that majority of hashing power is honest and wouldn't include invalid transactions or give themselves un-earned Bitcoins)
KnC has been ripping off customers by self-mining rather than shipping hardware out the door. Their solo pool all pays to the address 1BGbGFBhsXYq6kTyjSC9AHRe1dhe76tD6i. We can stop this fraud right now with just the co-operation of just three people: the operators of, BTC Guild, and Discus Fish, together a majority of the hashing power.
Of course, they might try to hide their illegal mining activities and make their blocks indistinguishable from others, like by paying out to a random address in each block. This is easily fixed too by voting to reallocate funds from any block without proper identification on hand. When that identification is provided to the honest and reputable hashing power the funds can be easily released from the pot and given back. Remember too that if we had proper identification for miners available the BitUndo criminals would be facing legal liability, a potent tool to stop fraud. (I guess P2Pool shares could be accompanied by identity proofs based on smartcard-enabled passports, although it'd be even better if that hashing power moved to a professionally run and secure pool that has the resources to comply with their reallocation regulation duties)
Finally, we can't forget our tax obligations. As much as we hate paying taxes - I know I'm putting off my April 31st deadline with Revenue Canada - they're an integral part of lawful society. With Coinbase Reallocation the honest majority can make sure that mining income not allocated properly to the relevant authorities is reallocated appropriately.
If Bitcoin is to succeed it has to be reputable, and reputable means recourse from fraud. Please tell the hashing power majority,, BTC Guild, and Discus Fish, that we want a regulated and safe Bitcoin!
Serious edit: Of course, as nearly everyone realized, the above is satire. What far fewer realize is what I'm saying with that satire: Mike proposed a simple mechanism that essentially acts as a way for miners to vote with their hashing power to blacklist block rewards. Yes, you can do that already, but blacklists via reorgs are expensive, risky, and very difficult to co-ordinate; automated voting on what to blacklist is cheap and easy.
I'm sure he intended it to be used for exactly one thing - punishing miners who violate his notion of double-spending rules - but once such a mechanism is in place it can be used for a lot more than originally intended. If you were a big publicly known mining pool, could you really resist the pressure to just flip "one little switch" and vote to blacklist blocks produced by a "bad" pool at no cost to you? As I showed above, the definition of "bad" can extend to a lot more than just double-spends, and the pressures on pools to blacklist can and will be legal and regulatory.
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Silkroad For Dummies Part One

*DISCLAIMER: Windows 7 is my operating system. Unexpected problems may occur if you use another OS, however it may also work perfectly. I simply do not know.
Before doing anything i would recommend making a folder to keep all of these downloaded programs in so you do not lose anything. I would also recommend either grabbing a pen and pencil to write all of your passwords down, OR creating a notepad file that you put all of your passwords in and then putting that notepad file safely on a flashdrive. If you choose to use a flashdrive be sure to only use that flashdrive for keeping your passwords safe and NOTHING else. For example i would NOT put work related or college related projects on this flash drive. I would use it solely for Silkroad or other darknet browsing.
Alright the first step i would say you need to take is downloading MultiBit. It is a bitcoin wallet that allows you to store your bitcoin. Multibit is NOT directly connected to your real identity. After you've downloaded this wallet you need to add a password to your wallet. Since multibit is NOT connected to your real identity i would recommend using a completely random password with more than 15 characters using caps and noncaps letters, numbers and symbols. I would then recommend writing that password down and keeping it somewhere safe. Do not lose this password.
The next step is to make an account on coinbase. Coin base is probably the safest way to obtain bitcoin. It takes a while but it is the easiest and most secure way to purchase bitcoin. You connect your bank account to this website and then buy bitcoin which will be transferred to your account within 4-7 days. Your coinbase account IS directly connected to your identity so i would recommend using your real email, and a NEW password. It is very important that this password is DIFFERENT from your multibit password because if it is the same password someone may be able to connect your bank account with the multibit wallet. You don't want that. After you've created an account on coinbase fill out as many verifications as possible. The more, the better.
*Also, it's worth noting that if you wish to make a purchase instantly, for a slightly higher price, you can. After you've reached "Level 1" on the coinbase verification page you can instantly buy up to 100$ worth of bitcoin each day with vista credit card. If you wish to buy over 100$ worth of bitcoin instantly you can, but you must fill out more of the coinbase verification page. To reach "Level 2" on coinbase and buy up to 1000$ worth of bitcoin instantly you must wait 30 days after your first purchase and verify your identity.
The next step is to download Block Chain. Block chain is an app on the chrome browser that allows you to make your newly purchased bitcoin completely anonymous. This website is NOT connected to your real identity. I would recommend creating another NEW password that is DIFFERENT from your other two.
The next step is to download Tor. Tor allows you to connect to clearnet websites such as silkroad. The silkroad web address is currently silkroad6ownowfk.onion. If this address changes it will be updated to the sidebar on the /silkroad subreddit. Open Tor and select the "S" loacted next to the address bar. Turn scripts off. This is important.
After downloading Tor you need to download PGP (also known as GPG4win). The default installation settings include GPA unchecked. Users need to ensure that GPA is checked and installed. You need to make a "New Key". To do this open the folder you downloaded PGP in, then click on the "GPA" application. It will open up a gui that will contain all of the keys you import from now on. You need to create a New key so click on the "Keys" listing at the top of the gui (next to the file and edit listings) and select "New key...". It will ask for your name. It is important that you make up a FAKE name that is NOT connected to your real identity. Click "Forward". It will now ask for your E-mail. It is important that your make up a FAKE email that is NOT connected to your real identity. Click "Forward" again. It will ask you to create a backup copy of your key. I highly recommend doing this. It will now ask you for a password. I would recommend creating another NEW and SECURE password that is DIFFERENT from your other three. After you have created a passphrase it will ask you to backup your key to somewhere. I recommend backing it up to your PGP folder and later putting it on a flashdrive that you keep safe with your other written down passwords. After you've chosen a folder to place your backup file in you need to go to that folder and open your "secret-key" file with notepad. To do this rightclick it and select "Open with..." then browse for notepad. After you've opened your "secret key" file you will see two keys. One will be a public key that you can give to anyone and the next will be a private key that you probably will never need; however you should NEVER disclose your private key to ANYONE.
The next step is using Tor to go to the silkroad website which is currently silkroad6ownowfk.onion . Once there create an account with a NEW username, password, and PIN that is NOT connected in anyway to your real identity. Once you've created an account on this website you need to make sure the silk road vendors know your public key. Copy and paste your PUBLIC key (located in your "secret key" file) to the "settings" section on Silk Road. This section is located under your silkroad username in the top right corner. Once there copy and paste your PUBLIC key here: "your public PGP key (will show error if invalid)". After you've pasted your PUBLIC key select "Update user". After you've done this you've done almost everything you need to do to make a purchase on the silk road.
Part 2 is located here
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What happened:
Long story short: BTC-e forced everyone to change their passwords via link they send you to your e-mail due to ''security reasons'', if you did not changed it in time, your password expired. Turns out I lost access to my e-mail (2fa, phone lost), BTC-e closed my last ticket (with no answer) to change my e-mail where I sum up everything they asked me to do previously (and everything they asked me to do I DID) in order to change my e-mail, their last contact was 28th february, 11 days ago, that is 264 hours now, not 72 they give themselves to answer, they probably illegally blocked me from my funds by voiding my password through expiration without my consent and do not want to change my e-mail in order to restore my access after I fulfilled every single of their demands.
Detailed story:
BTC-e expired everyone passwords, assuming they did not changed them in time, and demands to change them via link they send to your email associated with your BTC-e accocunt. In order to change my password, I have to log to my email which I do very rarely (explanation further ahead). My e-mail is being protected by 2fa, phone is lost and as result, I can't access my email. I tried to recover my e-mail through Google, all I've got is automatic confirmation that they accepted the request and it takes them usually 3-5 days to respond. It's been about 2 weeks right now, no response and I am not sure if they will respond at all. Sent them another account recovery ticket, we will see what happens.
In meantime, I asked BTC-e for help, they responded and told me that they will have to manually change my e-mail and will need informations about my account: transaction history, methods of deposit, history of ip entries etc. After fulfilling their request, they asked for screenshots to the exchange transactions deposits from my wallet and I did that as well. Then they asked for deposit from the same address and the same wallet I use to deposit funds to BTC-e. Unable to do that at first (since Multibit HD does not allow you to choose specific address to send from just like that and at that time I had little knowledge about wallets since never before I had any problems to deal with and basic knowledge how to send/receive was enough), I proposed them that I could prove my ownership by signing address and all they would have to do is to verify it. In said proposal, I included address with message and signature.
Their response? ''send coins from the wallet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' where x's is the address I signed and used to deposit coins to my BTC-e account before I lost access to it, so basically their answer was ''no'', judging from how they totally ignored my proposal. After sending them another message where again I inform them that it is impossible (that is what I thought so at that time, believing I can't send deposit from specific address) to do so and once again offer to prove my ownership by signing address, they told me to contact gmail to restore my email access. After asking for help how to send coins from specific address, I managed to send coins from address they asked for, all I had to do was to empty all addresses in my wallet form coins and send them back to address I wanted to use, so only that one specific address would contain any coins. Not really hard, little bothersome, but shame I did not know that earlier, it would save me a lot of time. After that, BTC-e remain silent and do not answer me (1st ticket was closed automatically due to me not responding in time as I was gathering all the data BTC-e asked for, but that was not an issue as I provided all the data they asked for from 1st ticket in 2nd ticket that is the one being most well documented and being ignored and 3rd was closed without answer, maybe because they considered it spam, as I had in total 2 tickets where I ask to change my e-mail, but if they had time to close it, they should have time to answer the second one they did not answer for so long). They say that it could take them 72 hours to answer, well, their last answer was over 10 days ago and I've fulfilled their last request 6 days ago, informing them about it. I even opened another ticket (that was the 3rd one) asking for e-mail change and sum up everything they asked me for (and everything they asked for, I have fulfilled). That was 3 days ago and on the second(!) day they closed that ticket with no answer, conclusion is simple - they simply ignore me now.
Scammers Profile Link:;u=33012
PM/Chat Logs:
About 6000$ according to current prices.
Additional Notes:
On 02.10.16, BTC-e admin announced changes related to the use of passwords, meaning they will expire and will have to be changed. Here is full announcement:
Quote Update: Security
02.10.16 08:54 from admin Please, be aware of the latest important changes in our security policies:
  1. Security:
Due to the increased cases of account hacking we decided to implement some changes related to the use of passwords:
1.1. Starting from September 30, 2016 all BTC-e accounts will undergo the password changing procedure. - On your first login to account you will see a notification that your password has expired. You will be asked to reset your password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link in order to receive a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location, otherwise you will have to recover the password again. - After the first password reset your account will not be blocked. But if you reset your password for the 2nd time and further your account will be blocked for 48 hours (the standard blocking according to BTC-e rules). 1.2. Changing the password from within your BTC-e account: - If you are already logged in to your account and you remember your current password, you can change it via the Edit section of your BTC-e profile. Go to and click Reset Password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link to get a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location. 1.3. Password Expiration: You will need to reset your password every 6 months. After this procedure your account will not be blocked. 1.4. We added an automatic e-mail notification to inform you of failed login attempts to your account. 1.5. The option of using an own password is added. To change the password you need to go to the "Edit" section and press the “Own password” button. The following message will be displayed: “Further instructions were sent to your email address”. You will need to click the link in the email and enter your old and new password. The requirements for a new password are as follows: minimum length: 12 characters; at least one uppercase letter; at least one lower case letter; at least one number. Make sure to save the new password.
  1. BTC-e code:
The following terms and conditions take effect as of September 30th 2016.
2.1. When creating a BTC-e code you can specify the username of the BTC-e customer, who can redeem this code. If the username is correct, the code can only be redeemed by this specific user (or the user who created the code). If the specified username is invalid (spelling error or the username does not exist within BTC-e), the code can only be redeemed by the user who created the code. If the Username field is left blank, then the code can be redeemed by any BTC-e user who receives it (as well as by the user who created the code).
2.2. Expiration of BTC-e codes: - BTC-e codes will be active for 120 days since creation. If no one redeems a code within 120 days, the code will become inactive. An inactive code can only be redeemed by the user who created it. For BTC-e codes created after January 1, 2016 the 120 days of lifetime will be counted starting from September 30th 2016.
Best Regards, BTC-e Support
I do not know if said operation was needed and if it was right thing to do to implement it. What I care for is fact, that we are not obligated to track BTC-e news and check our e-mails every week to be updated on what is going on, as nobody expects that exchange will simply void your password just like that, and, as a result, block access to your account. Since I exclusively play long, I only log to my e-mail associated with my BTC-e account in order to take a look at transactions/do some technical stuff regarding my BTC-e account and it happens VERY rarely. Last time I logged on was months ago and when I visit BTC-e site, I only take a look at trade page to see what the current prices are. It is then pretty self explanatory that one could not know about this operation at all and as long as you could argue that it is in your own good interest to keep track of the exchange you use, I hardly see how letting people know in advance about expiring passwords justifies anything, because way BTC-e handles problems that emerged regarding passwords expiration is, to be straightforward, simple theft, ill will or malicious intend, call it whatever you want, as they offer you no way out of this regrettable situation, prolonging this whole ''e-mail change procedure'', obviously hoping that they will discourage your further efforts to regain access to your money. After you hard-press them, they start to pretend you don't exist.
Being ware that I could be the one who is wrong here, I offer my apologize to BTC-e in such case, but for now, my stance on this is clear. After ignoring me for 11 days, I warned them that I will publish this and eventually take legal action against them. They chose to continue this. We will see what comes next.
Edit 1: They started to loop their messages Also, they deleted my post in their official russian thread: I issued them negative feedback that will be deleted AFTER they resolve my request: Edit 2: Again, they deleted another my post:
Edit 3: BTC-e is not giving a damn and they are not going to resolve my request:
Edit 4: No point in keeping in touch with them and ask to fulfill their obligation. Also, since posting my correspondance with BTC-e starts to resemble soap opera by now, this will be last update regarding our messages until they send me something significant: (also, notice how they still stubbornly argue that I want to restore access to my email, while I want to change it).
Edit 5: I have started spreading the word further:
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Legal Bitcoin wallet with 468 BTC in it Coinbase - How to Find your Bitcoin wallet address How to Restore a Bitcoin Wallet from a Seed (Electrum) Supreme Builds Wizard Error Fix (How To Keep Your Build Info & Get Back Into The Wizard) How to Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin Address Check to see if it has been reported as a scam ; Report a bitcoin scammer like the bitcoin sextortion porn scam email, investment scam, or mining scam; Check a bitcoin wallet balance; Find a bitcoin address owner; Bitcoin Wallet Transaction Alerts notify you by email when a bitcoin address has activity on the blockchain Before explaning the Javascript to validate the Bitcoin address, let us look at some key factors of a valid Bitcoin address: 1. A Bitcoin address is between 25 and 34 characters long. 2. The address always starts with a 1 (for P2PKH address format) or 3 (for P2SH address format). 3. Buying crypto like Bitcoin and Ether is as easy as verifying your identity, adding a payment and clicking "Buy". Sign up for our Wallet today. Create Wallet. Trade Crypto at the Exchange. Integrated with the Blockchain Wallet, our Exchange is a one-stop shop where you can deposit funds and place trades seamlessly in minutes. Valid Address Checker. One of the current problems for novice users of bitcoin is the large address that is sent to and from other users. Additionally, once funds are sent there is no way to retrieve them. Finding the physical owner of a bitcoin address could also be problematic, so the best thing is to have a Valid Address Checker. And then refuses to send. I am seeing this in instances even when I know the bitcoin address I have entered is valid because I have successfully sent coins to the address from other sources. This seems to happen with almost every address I try to send to from MultiBit Classic (0.5.19) other than a new wallet I created with MultiBit HD.

[index] [23508] [26677] [531] [17561] [16010] [10094] [23235] [17599] [15172] [11866]

Legal Bitcoin wallet with 468 BTC in it

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer monetary system that exists outside of the traditional, centralized, fiat-currency based financial system. Is Bitcoin money? Good question! Legal Bitcoin wallet with 468 BTC in it. Please check it: Crack this Legal Bitcoin wallet with 468 BTC in it? Do you want the wallet.dat with 468 Bitcoin inside it? Supreme Builds Repo Addresses: ... Set Up A Coinbase Account Today and receive $10 in free Bitcoin through this link: ... Let's check out the Premiumize APK + Live Q&A - Duration: ... Donate to help us buy strong hardware 1He1pMe2QNyeJrwUWVsYADtHYH551VXRi5 We will try find 239 bitcoin addresses with balance 10.000 to 300 BTC, if we sucesse... Don't forget to check out our ... The next thing you need is to get an address. In the Multibit application, click Request. ... Step 7. Select Moneygram as point of collection. From "Pay to" menu ...

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