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FLASHBACK/PSA: Value your BTC dearly. If you don't, you may well regret it in the future (mechs just-dice 7k btc loss)
I was thinking last night about Mechs (fuckit) and wanted to remind myself just how many BTC he lost on just-dice. At the time it was painful enough, the coins were worth $800k. Today they're worth around $18m.
Value your Bitcoin dearly, if you don't you may well regret it for a very long time.
Anyone remember those days? Mechs + Nakowa sending shockwaves through the just-dice chat. fun times, miss them a lot.
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How to value a bitcoin Bitcoin Price Predicted to 2021 WARNING !!! BITCOIN PRICE IN DANGER RIGHT NOW!!! MUST HOLD THIS KEY LEVEL !!! BITCOIN WILL DO THIS NEXT MONTH!!!? - Golden Cross Reveals Crazy Breakout Soon! - BTC Price Analysis Bitcoin's Real Value After Eleven Years- Is This a Pump and Dump Scam?

Bitcoin has value added tax exemption in Belgium. 50. Bitcoin is VAT free in Switzerland, Falcon, a Swiss private bank is the first bank to sell bitcoin to its clients. 51. In January 2018, Chiasso, Switzerland will accept taxes in bitcoin. 52. Bitcoin is illegal in Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan Ecuador, Morocco, Nepal, Algeria and Bangladesh. Bitcoin value has multiplied 879,999 times from 2010 to 2017... A person by the name Nakowa won 11,000 Bitcoins worth $1.3M back in 2013 (worth over $47M today) on a gambling site Chinese mining pools control more than 70% of the Bitcoin network’s collective hashrate (the speed at which a computer is completing an operation in the Bitcoin Bitcoin moved from $800 in January 2014 to $302 by the end of the year, a -62% loss. Bitcoin failed to rise by 100% in 2015 but went on to hit $19,000 by December 2017. Because of its high fluctuation rate, bitcoin has risen and fallen thousands of times. But in the long run, the currency has gained value more than 900,000 times as of 2018. Here is what we found about the biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time. The Biggest Bitcoin Casino Win. After digging around a bit, our staff encountered what we believe is the single biggest Bitcoin casino win ever. It happened on a dice game in which a player by the name of “Nakowa” hit a huge 11,000 BTC win. Nakowa – September, 2013. At an estimated value of $76,000 according to last year’s Bitcoin value, this player definitely managed to cash out a lot more than what they had to risk. Such situations started to spark people’s interests regarding the cryptocurrency and its infinite possibilities.

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How to value a bitcoin

Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as "Digital Gold," but why? How is Bitcoin like Gold? And more importantly, why does it have value in the first place? Follow Me On: Facebook: https://www.facebook ... If you had invested $200 in Bitcoin in 2009 what would it be worth compared to investing $200 in Amazon, Facebook or Google. If you wanted to buy an Alabama peach with your Bitcoin how would you ... The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology - The Blockchain explained - Duration: 6:16. Odyssey 992,484 views. 6:16. How To Tell When A Market Is Tradable - Duration: 9:26. Bitcoin finding difficulty to break the key structure level. Price rejection at this point can be very fatal. Must watch key area for BTC at the moment. Based on this model, Lee expects the value of bitcoin to be $6,000 by the middle of 2018. FundStrat uses a different method to come up with its long-term price target. According to Lee it is ...

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