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Sites that have a free Bitcoin Faucet that pays every hour and has weekly lottery drawings as well as Bitcoin Gambling!

Best Bitcoin Gambling Site, Live Chat , Instant Payouts, And you can Begin for FREE.

This site is pretty flipping awesome!
they got a full on forum and live chat going constantly! Everyone is showing off there winnings and losings, its honestly very entertaining website. And i use it mainly to watch the high rollers and to collect some free bitcoin from the free faucet feature that allows me to play tic tac toe against another live user and the winner gets a free 0.00000300 bitcoin credit.

check it out
do me a solid and register using my link!
if not i appreciate your time reading this article , and godbless

(this site has been checked on multiple sources, and is 100% verified and a real site that pays out for sure)
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win bitcoin today on this fast and fun community online casino win bitcoin @Bitcoin on this fast fun community online casino hello i am introducing you to stake a bitcoin gambling site where you can also claim satoshi for free and wager that etc

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The internet's most popular bitcoin faucet and gambling site just got revamped with BEAUTIFUL graphics! Free faucets so you can turn nothing into something!

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The internet's most popular bitcoin faucet and gambling site just got revamped with BEAUTIFUL graphics! Free faucets so you can turn nothing into something!

The internet's most popular bitcoin faucet and gambling site just got revamped with BEAUTIFUL graphics! Free faucets so you can turn nothing into something! submitted by vapedouche420 to 3bitcoins [link] [comments]

Gambling • [CHECKED] Roulette site gives free of charge 0.03 bitcoins.

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Free bitcoin - Gambling bitcoin dice Bitsler is biggest community and trusted bitcoin, ethereum gambling dice site.

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Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum casinos and gambling sites reviewed. Filter them by country, games, keywords. Feel free to leave a suggestion

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Amazing Bitcoin Gambling Site - Free BTC/Satoshis From my Ref link

The following post by KNOWN_csgo is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7ds67j
The original post's content was as follows: Use this link to sign up and it will give you ffree satoshis on registration, if you lose there is always a free faucet to claim free bitcoin...
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[link]1 Use this link to sign up and it will give you ffree satoshis on registration, if you lose there is always a free faucet to claim free bitcoin...
Amazing Bitcoin Gambling Site - Free BTC/Satoshis From my Ref link
Go1dfish undelete link
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Amazing Bitcoin Gambling Site - Free BTC/Satoshis From my Ref link /r/Bitcoin

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Some interesting Bitcoin Links(Marketplaces, Free Bitcoin and Gambling Sites.

Dream Market Registration: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2503057744
Trade Route Registration: http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/?r=eQnBu
Valhalla Invitation: http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/registeGeeN
Totchka Invitation: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/auth/registe6c9d8970f50a41b44b1c2fa5d73109d0
Zion Market: http://zionshopusn6nopy.onion/_91331
Wall Street Market: http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onion/signup?ref=61618
To anyone interested in getting help with a little extra coin I'm posting here a link to a free bitcoin faucet that you can roll the dice once every hour, plus it has a weekly lottery drawing. The other link is for a bitcoin gambling site that I have personally used and won many times on. I have to add though that I have lost coin as well there, but that's the nature of gambling. I hope this helps everybody that comes on here that are short of coin.
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Play for free when you join Stake, a bitcoin gambling platform that gives you free bitcoin when you run out of money to bet with!
my referral link : [link]1
Bitcoin gambling site( start off with free bitcoin!)
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Kyle_covey
1: stak*.c*m/?cod*=*3H*H*H3
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Bitcoin gambling site( start off with free bitcoin!) /r/Bitcoin

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Gambling • Recommend site for get free bitcoin

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Get 200 free bits for signing up! Join the #1 trusted online bitcoin gambling site today! :D

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Gambling • Find Popular Bitcoin Gambling Sites Offering Free Bitcoins or Depositbonuses!

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Bitsler is the world's biggest community and trusted bitcoin gambling dice site.start for free

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New Really Cool Bitcoin Gambling Site!(FREE DOLLAR) Or use code: freedollar
You will get a free 10 cents from this link, Once you deposit any amount you will get a free dollar on top of the amount you despited! good luck on the site! :)
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Found a bitcoin gambling site with only a 1% house edge and that gives a free amount to play with every minute if you have nothing in your account

Prime Dice / non is the site. You just hit the bottom icon of the left side and enter the captcha and it gives you a free amount to gamble with if you haven't asked for a free one in over a minute and you have none in your account on there.
The nice thing is that the site allows you to bet it on as much as a .01% chance to win, which would pay out 9900/1. I wouldn't recommend doing anything over .1% chance since it's almost impossible to get undeover such a ridiculously low # (I think the 9900/1 might actually be impossible since you must get under 0.01 on the dice and I think that's the lowest possible).
Anyways, just thought it was a kinda fun site to mess around on. I had a random .0008btc left in my coinbase so i deposited it on there, ran it up to .0031btc and cashed it out to my normal wallet.
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How I ruined my life with Bitcoin for the 2nd time

I have been meaning to get this out of my chest for a while for years but only today I decided to tell my story for whoever wants to listen.

I will not go in much detail but I guess this is a typical gambler story.

I'll start by saying that I'm sort of an gambling addict. I started it as soon as I the bank mailed me a credit card when I was a college student.
I had a very small idea what credit cards were used for but never in my life it occurred to me to ever use one. But there it was, in the mailbox with some sweet limit for me to spend but I quickly put it in a drawer because I knew it was a bad thing to touch.
At the time I had "discovered" a method to make money guaranteed with hedging bets between different sportsbooks. I must say that back in the day you could make a living doing that and in my young adult life that was amazing.
It was a very decent extra money for a broke college student, but I quickly run out of sportsbooks to apply the method so I couldn't gain guaranteed money anymore.
So I started to gamble with that money I won. Ofc as the usual gambler, I lost it all. That's when it kicked me. I had this credit card in my drawer and one thing led to another bigger things.

It took me like 6 years to pay this credit card debt and finally be free and be gambling free also. My life was back to normal after I ruined it for years. I don't know if you can imagine the stress and anxiety this addiction carries.
I was working long hours just to pay this debt. Some months I didn't have money to pay utility bills or food.
I contemplated suicide for months, until I moved to a little better job and it lifted me up a little bit so I managed to pay all debts. Finally I was **free**.
That's when I heard about **bitcoin**. 2016. I started very small, bought a little and sold when high. "Reinvested" years later, got burnt, back to where I started and ofc I had to use the credit card again.
At this time the limit was way higher than back when I started to use it and my gambling addiction kicked in again to recover the wins.
After the credit card failed, I made loans to pay it off. Used loans to buy more bitcoin, etc etc
I invested again heavily and ofc the big crash came in 2017 and I was left with debt and my life ruined forever once more.
I ended up with almost 2 bitcoins, but like 3x the debt and I don't think I will ever be able to pay it off.
I put a stop to it right after the crash and for all this time I never touched my bitcoin or any gambling site again, but the monthly debt bills keep coming.
With my salary I'm able to keep paying the bills but always back to zero after the end of the month.

With this pandemic and staying so much time at home it got me thinking why not use the bitcoin and my addiction started kicking again.
I tried to stop it but once it got me pumped up there is no going back. I have no other addiction. Just this very expensive life ruining addiction.

I started withdrawing some bitcoin to feel the high of winnings and long story short I ended up losing it all. I still have this 1 bitcoin that I don't want to touch.
I'm writing this so I convince myself to not touch this last bitcoin. It's my last savior and hope. I feel like if I touch this bitcoin I will fall into the depression that I haven't had in years.
I'm already shaking and can't sleep at night for what I've done.
Bills keep piling up, girlfriend doesn't suspect a thing and is talking about saving money for a house and having a baby, but how can I?

All my income goes to paying the debt I accumulated over the years and I got nothing to show for it. I have no fancy cars, fancy clothes or anything.

I hope whoever sent me that credit card back when I was 18 didn't do so. It started a down spiraling down in my life that I don't see an out of it.
But that's banks for you. They want to control us from the very beginning of life.

I wasn't strong or savvy enough to say no to banks. I hope someday I can give this bitcoin to my child and for whatever its worth at the time I will know that it saved my life in the end.
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How to Get Money Out of Poker sites Using Cryptocurrency. A guide.

I wanted to provide a definitive guide for those trying to find the quickest and cheapest way to get their winnings/initial deposit out of various poker sites through the means of cryptocurrency.
This guide does not recommend cryptocurrency trading and even if you follow all of these steps, there is still a risk for currency fluctuations. It took a lot for me to figure this out and I wanted to pay it forward and help those in the future learn this valuable information. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this guide, but I will say this is the method I now use. Various state laws can make each step more difficult. However, this method is tailored to the strictest of laws that affect Cryptocurrency issued by New York state.
Ok, so you got some money and want to get it out of a poker or gambling site. Checks are offered, but who has time for that 4 week turnaround on what could be a bad check. So you have decided to get into Cryptocurrency. Here is how the money gets to your bank.
Poker site -> Wallet -> Exchange -> Bank.
1st Step - Getting the money out of your poker account. So you request a withdrawal in cryptocurrency. But which currency? There is Bitcoin (the original), Bitcoin Cash (the fork), Ethereum (New Cool Kid), Tether or Dai (stablecoin) Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, etc.... There are benefits to each currency. Bitcoin is the original and most well known. It is the most traded by far with a market cap (total value) more than all other cryptocurrencies combined. There is also a well established group of people holding bitcoin as an investment to the future. However, Bitcoin also has the most fees and slowest transaction times depending on the fee you pay. Personally I use Ether and Bitcoin Cash. They are based on new versions of blockchain, transfer quickest between wallets and exchanges, and have lower transfer fees. I have not used Dai and Tether, but I will go into stablecoin later.
Step 2 - The Wallet. The wallet is where your money from the pokersite will go. I want to make it very clear. You do not want your money to go from the pokersite to the exchange. The exchange can and will learn it is from a pokersite which can cause you a lot of problems later on. In particular, running a foul of U.S laws and regulations on gaming. So you want the money to go to your wallet. I recommend either Exodus or if you just want Bitcon, Blockstream Green. Exodus though is my go to. You can use it online or through your mobile device. It will automatically scan deposit and withdraw codes for you (this is extremely important so you don't mess up where your money goes). It also has a nice sleek interface and accepts most cryptocurrencies. One thing to point out, Exodus was designed for bitcoin miners at one point who wanted their money out quickly. So, when using bitcoin, it sends and receives your money out as quick as possible using higher fees. You may be concerned by this. However, now you got crypto, lets get it to your exchange.
Step 3 - The Exchange. So there are many exchanges, where you convert your crypto to other crypto or even cash. The three most popular in the US are Cash App, Coinbase, and Gemini. Cash App is easy, if you can set it up. If there is an issue with Cash App, good luck. Their customer support is non-existent (this actually led me to use Coinbase). Basically, you send the money from your wallet to CashApp and then sell the bitcoin in the app. About 20 minutes later the money is in the app and can be sent to your bank. There are various fees, I believe 1.5% to sell the coin, 1.5% to ACH to your account or 1.75% for instant credit to your bank account. I personally use Coinbase Pro. It costs me .5% to sell the crypto. I could then ACH it to my bank account which takes about 5 days. Instead I added another step.
You can link your Coinbase account to your Paypal account. So, when I have cashed out at the cheapest rate at Coinbase Pro, I instant transfer the money to Coinbase and then instant transfer it to paypal. There are no fees for this and there are no fees for Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro allows you to do things CashApp or regular Coinbase does not. For example, I held my Bitcoin Cash which came in at 219 and put an order to sell at 230. When Bitcoin Cash hit 230, it sold and I made a couple extra percent return on my money. It was a risk, but wanted to play with a limit order. When the money got to my Paypal account, I instant transferred it to my debit card for 1% fee. I could have ACHed it for free and had the money in a day or two, but I decided to take the quick cash.
Overall, the quickest I have seen cryptocurrency with withdrawals is under 24 hours with Pai Wang Luo Network (Bovada/Ignition) and 3 days for WPN. Once I have received my crypto, the quickest I have been able to hit my account is 1.5 hours.
Now here is the big risk from Cryptocurrency: Currency fluctuation. I have no idea why crypto goes down or up, or why some cryptos go one way while others will go another. General rule, if Bitcoin is up or down, the others are as well. Example: Past 24 Hours (7/5/2020 - 7/6/2020), Bitcoin up 3.1%, Ether 6%, Bitcoin Cash 8.36% Tether -.1%, Dai .68%. Dai and Tether were created to avoid currency fluctuations by tieing themselves to an asset. Tether is "tethered" to the USD. So try one of the those for less risk maybe. But please note, while you have crypto in your wallet and exchange, and it goes up or down, that's your money going up or down.
I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out how to use cryptocurrencies. GL
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Idea | Tip Nano to creators

Hey guys, my name is Tolik and I'm new to Nano.
I would like to tell you a bit about myself, and then about some ideas that I would like to share with you :)
I'm a content creator form Israel, and I have about 65k subscribers over my 3 channels. I'm also the first Israeli partnered on Twitch and been doing that for 8 years now.
Had a lot of fun with it for the first few years, playing my favorite games and earning good money, and eventually burning out hating the game that got me all my following. Our (Israeli) community exploded on youtube, but to make the most of it you need to make mindless trendy content, playing trendy and pretty childish games. I did that for a while, but it was too hard for my mind and I ended up burning out hard stepping away for a long while.
Back in 2013 I first stumbled upon the world of crypto and realized the potential of the blockchain and the implementation of that technology in our world. Not enough to buy enough to get rich, but I never even considered that it could get to the volumes it got to now. In 2017 when it exploded, I realized I had some leftover coins from 2013-14 and cashed out a few thousand dollars, with the pain it could have been millions if I was a little more aware. Oh Well.
A few years ago, I got into the world of self-development and got a new perspective on life. Doing only what I love and grooming a small but good community on youtube, not caring about trends, views, and money in my pocket.
A few days ago, a colleague of mine started to promote some unknown coin to his child viewers, basically, the premise is a coin that you could mine on your phone. Immediately I had some red flags popping off my mind, especially because he promoted some shady CSGO gambling sites that I didn't even want to look into. He of course had his promotion code for registering to the gambling site, and using the mentioned crypto (downloading the app).
If you can mine it on your phone, what would stop you using an expensive setup and just dominate the market? The fact that he advertised it as a get rich scheme, and the fact that it's a referral pyramid network, does not seem safe.
After looking into it I did not see any promise, especially after I found so many altcoins with big communities that his crypto didn't have, information that did not add up, and a bunch of weird stuff going on.
Because I started researching the crypto world (after so many years not being aware of what happened to it), youtube started suggesting me videos about it, one of them was u/SonderDev 's nanoPaint (Sorry I made SpongeBobs eye red) and started doing some research on nano and the technology. For 3 days I devoured all the info I can, reading most of the posts here on reddit, and joining on Discord and TG. I again felt that butterfly feeling in my gut, the one I felt so many years ago when I found out about bitcoin (and some other rare occasions). So much potential, and I kind of feel I am already late to the party, and yet, my mind can't stop thinking about what is possible.
Now to the good stuff! Donations(tips) to streamers and content creators were always a huge part of our revenue. But we had a lot of problems with it - High fees, making small donations pretty much impossible, and the fear of someone charging you back and having you pay the fees for every donation that got charged back. I had someone give me about $2k for the span of two months with small donations, ended up charging all that money back, and having me pay $10 for each of his donations, even if they were under that amount. PayPal is pretty crazy.
Also, If you consider something like Patreon (a monthly donation for a project or a creator you like for benefits) they also charge extra for their fee, and people can still charge you back, even though they will handle it, you still give them the benefits. Twitch takes a huge cut for subscribers (user pays $4.99 and I get as little as $1.70) and youtube are getting about 30% for their cut.
See where I'm going with this? As proof of concept, a simple donation website/app could be made. You send the creator any amount of nano, it pops up on the screen for everyone to see. People would love the idea to impact the stream with as little money the creator allows. That would start up a conversation, people would start seeing the technology in action, how fast and feeless everything is going.
Not to mention an integrated service could be made that is similar to (allows users to do tasks for nano/fiat) in this instance, the tasks could be - follow the creator on Twitter, Instagram, like his posts and whatever else he decides, and it could be cheap, because people would be doing it to pop up on stream and help the creator, not for the actual fiat amount of the nano given. killing 3 birds with one stone. Promoting nano, allowing everybody a voice to a degree they choose, and promoting himself to his viewers.
If this works, we could either go to one of the 2 biggest platforms (StreamLabs and StreamElements (who are Israeli and I know the 2 founders personally)) and they would integrate it to their already build system, or develop something to solely promote nano. We could reach out to smaller streamers that have small dedicated communities, not many donations and revenue coming in and allow them to use our system to promote their content and interact with their viewers.
A few more ideas I have in mind for a project like that:
For the donations (tips)
• Having different donation alerts for different QR codes that you scan. Similarly to what NanoPaint accomplishes, we could have a different QR code to scan for an alert that the user chooses to show up.
• Coloring the Camera frame - similarly to NanoPaint, drawing pixels on the frame of the camera of the streamer, changing it in real-time for nano.
• Having text to speech for the alert
• Have your donation impact the streamer in AR (putting something on his face or head).
Crowd Funding
• Donation goal that will make a purchase only if it gets there - setting up an X day goal to buy a new GPU for example, and having people contribute to it, and if it's reached, it automatically makes the order from amazon or wherever (having the data safe with our service), and if it's not - fully refunding the users. It could be a daily goal for pizza or whatever they choose. It will allow integration with businesses that would work with us.
• Stream goals - if we get to X Nano this stream, 24 hour stream tomorrow! If we won't, get your nano back! Would encourage people to participate even if they are not sure the goal will be met, have the assurance that the full amount would be refunded if it did not get there.
• Challenges - starting a bounty challenge, for example, have an Ace in CSGO (kill all 5 enemies) and get X amount of nano. If you didn't, money goes back. the crowd could vote on it having more interaction and validating if the challenge is complete.
• Have people engage with polls in real-time with nano, could scan their option to vote, and even get refunded if their option did not win, encouraging them to vote for their favorite option, even if it seems unlikely to win.
User Battles
• Having people start a challenge of a game, in an app or on the web, or perhaps even something random like gambling, and having it appear on stream for everybody to witness. Maybe even challenging the streamer for a nano incentive or someone else who watches.
• Having an on-screen chat that changes the colors and design of the people who donated with nano, and linked their account. more incentive to donate.
Stream Sponsors
• Having a rotating banner on-screen at all times, allowing users to pay nano to show their banner. As an auction or a price set from the creator.
Most of these ideas occurred to me as I was writing this post, and I'm sure we could think of better ones with some effort. Some of them are already implemented on the websites that were mention above, however, having the power and speed of the nano is a game-changer IMHO.
So why am I writing this post? First, just to share with you and get to know you better, maybe spark an idea or a motivation for anyone to do something good for nano.
Second, money is tight now, moved back to my parents due to the pandemic, hard to find a decent job as we have more than %20 of the people in Israel looking for a job and as I mentioned before the content I make is not very profitable. I can't afford to invest money in this idea, and I lack the skills to do it myself. So maybe if it's good someone else could.
If, however, someone would be inclined to help make this a reality, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, investment of time, or money in testing this out. I have a dedicated community with thousands of people that will be aware of nano if we'll do it, years of experience in this field, and not to mention that I'm in good relations with most of the other content creators and platforms here in Israel, and some international.
Discord: ToLy#2657
Feel free to DM me at any time :)
Nice to meet you, and thank you for reading.
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