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Cryptocurrency NEO-review and analysis of prospects

Cryptocurrency NEO-review and analysis of prospects
The NEO digital asset platform was previously called Antshares. But in recent times, a complete rebranding has been made. In addition to the name change, the startup updated blockchain nodes and technical documentation, as well as the stock Ticker. In addition, the official website and social media were redesigned. The transition to a new version of the smart contract system, called NEO-2.0, was carried out.
The NEO cryptocurrency has been showing stable and non-stopping growth for a long time. Very quickly, the Chinese creation took seventh place in the top of Coinmarketcap. This, without a doubt, is a serious bid for prospects, given the high competition in the cryptocurrency market. And Ether confidently holds the second line after the famous Bitcoin. So the crypto currency NEO clearly has all the chances to rise much higher than the seventh line.
At the moment, the price fluctuates around $45. The cost for three months has increased 20 times.
The volumes of neo cryptocurrency reserves are clearly defined and limited to 100 million tokens. So far, only half of the available potential — 50 million tokens-is available on the market. So the crypto currency NEO clearly has all the chances to rise much higher than the seventh line.
The project is actively developing. OnChain cooperates with other players in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. At the moment, there are connections with blockchain startups Coindash, Bancor, Agrello and others. The Chinese project Red Pulse has announced the creation of a financial research platform based on the NEO-2.0 smart contract system. Also, in cooperation with NEO, there is an intensive development of The Elastos operating system based on blockchain technologies.

THE history of the emergence and development of neo cryptocurrency
The date of origin of the project can be considered 2014. NEO Creator Da Hongfei is a Director of Shanghai-based OnChain. In 2014, onchain, according to Da Hongfei's idea, launches the AntShares blockchain project. On the basis of this platform, a cryptocurrency of the same name was also created.
Yes Junpei put to the company is simple, but a global problem. His goal was to build a fundamentally new system of financial interaction. This system should unite the sectors of the real and virtual economy into a single whole with the help of high-tech contracts. And cryptocurrency from OnChain should become a unit of payment for these contracts.
Soon OnChain enters into a contract for cooperation with the Wings blockchain project, as well as contracts with economic giants Microsoft and Alibaba.
In August 2017 begins the story of NEO already in its current form with the current name. Da Hongfei carried out a complete rebranding and technical modernization of the project. The rebranding was a huge success, and the price of cryptocurrency from OnChain soared 40 times.
But not without problems. On the fourth of September, the Chinese authorities adopt a package of sanctions laws against cryptocurrencies and ICO. It was a heavy blow, which at the time almost 2 times brought down the course of the brainchild of Hongfei. However, soon the NEO cryptocurrency moved away from the blow and began to confidently win back the lost positions. At the moment, OnChain is actively upgrading the product and simultaneously trying to find a compromise with the Chinese authorities for the legalization and quiet operation of its offspring.

Features and principle of operation NEO
From a technical point of view, the Chinese cryptocurrency is very similar to Ethereum. The basis of the platform is the construction of smart contracts and their subsequent payment with tokens. Also an important part of the project is the ability to create new technologies based on the platform, as well as easy integration with other services.
Despite the fact that NEO is often called "Chinese Ether" and the fact that the Ether still occupies a higher position in the ratings, the product from OnChain has advantages that the Ether lacks. NEO is much more practical and functional. This, no doubt, opens up the potential to move the Airwaves in the ratings in the near future.
Let's see in detail how everything works. Transactions within the system are possible when paying a Commission. The Commission is paid in-system currency. That is, for the transaction you have to throw in the system additional "fuel". The developers of OnChain decided to create an additional in-system currency, called GAS, as a fuel (a means of paying commissions).
NEO mining is impossible. There is a final coin value of 100 million. 50 million thrown on the market during the ICO. The second half of the developers keep at home. However, GAS mining is possible. However, it occurs when holding coins in a purse. That is, the more tokens you have, the more GAS coins you can get to pay commissions. Today, 2000 coins in the wallet accumulate 1 coin GAS every twenty-four hours. Such mining is associated with the work of the network on the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm. Coins generate themselves. Without the use of farms of video cards and megawatts of electricity.

Like any cryptocurrency, NEO has advantages and disadvantages.
The benefits of NEO:
  • the publicity of the company and experienced team;
  • contracts and cooperation with corporate giants;
  • a wide functionality, much superior to the functionality of Ether (it is difficult for a simple person to understand what the salt is, but for a specialist NEO opens the widest horizons for development and operations);
  • activity in meetings and seminars;
  • active struggle of OnChain for legalization (although there are some problems with this now in China, however, there is a high probability that soon all issues with the government will be settled, which will attract large investors and significantly increase the already considerable capitalization of NEO).
The shortcomings of NEO:
  • all gas storage nodes belong to OnChain, that is, NEO is a centralized structure, although it is served as decentralized, this means that blockchains are in the hands of a narrow circle;
  • OnChain has the technical ability to monitor the transactions of coin owners, transmit information to the authorities, as well as personally block funds in users ' accounts and regulate the rate.
However, there are great economic and technical prospects for the development and increase in the price of the coin.

Difference between NEO and Bitcoin
The main points that distinguish NEO from Bitcoin:

  • Direct mining of NEO is not feasible, you can only mine GAS to pay commissions.
  • Bitcoin mining depends on the power of the technical base of the miner. The larger the pool of farms from video cards, the more active is the production. In the NEO system, gas mining occurs exclusively due to the presence of coins in the wallet.
  • To organize a large Bitcoin mining requires large purchases of iron and organization of production (supply of high-power power supply line, cooling system, etc.). A direct injection of investment is sufficient for the development of GAS. Each purchased 2000 coins of "Chinese ether" will steadily accumulate exactly 1 coin of GAS per day.
  • Bitcoin has the most decentralized system of blockchains, as opposed to pseudo-centralization of NEO.
  • The processing speed of one NEO block is only 15 seconds. For bitcoin-as much as ten minutes. In the future, it is predicted to accelerate the processing of blocks for NEO to 1 second.
Despite the risks associated with the organization of blockchains, NEO remains a very promising platform in the cryptocurrency market.

NEO storage wallets

On the official NEO website you can find links to the following wallets.
  1. Wallet NEON-Wallet from the group of independent developers City of Zion. Quite good, but the factor of third-party development and the presence of bugs impose their risks.
  2. NEO-CLI. This wallet is recommended only for programmers and people who are good at command line.
  3. NEO-GUI. The best option for the average user. To use it, you need to download the application, synchronize the blockchains and make a backup of the wallet. All. Now you can safely carry out financial transactions using Chinese kryptonite.
There is also the option of storing directly on the exchanges, however it is risky. Also, holding coins on an exchange rather than in a personal NEO wallet will not generate GAS.

NEO: buying and sharing
NEO can be bought and sold on exchanges or exchanged in multi-currency wallets. The most famous exchanges:

  • Bittrex;
  • Binance;
  • CoinSpot;
  • YONBI;
  • JUBI;
  • Yuanbao;
  • 51szzc;
  • Yobtc.
As the value and popularity of NEO increases, a massive increase in trading platforms where you can buy or sell "Chinese Ether" is predicted.

Ways to get NEO

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way FOR direct NEO mining in the manner of Bitcoins and Ether.
However, there is a way out. NEO cranes can be used. Cranes are resources where the user receives a cryptocurrency reward for performing certain tasks or participating in lotteries.
There is a high probability that if successful in the legalization negotiations, OneChain will provide additional ways to get their tokens.
As you can see, NEO is a very promising and rapidly developing cryptocurrency. And although the Chinese government has created some difficulties, on the example of Bitcoin, we see how high the rate of the crypto currency can rise if the factors interfering with the development disappear. So, the prospects of NEO are optimistic and you can risk investing in them.
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B-X Vapor review

I recently won a giveaway here from B-X Vapor ( and would like to share some of my thoughts.
Ordering/website/communication: 9/10
Website is very easy to navigate, and very easy to select your different available options. They offer their juices in a couple different PG/VG mixes, and offer nic ranging from 0mg - 18mg. The high range of nic choices is great because we all vape so differently these days. Not a ton of people still offering nic up to 18mg for the MTL folks. They also tell you exactly what the ratio is on their MaxVG option, which is nice.
I added a comment in the provided box with a specific request on my order. My giveaway allowed me to "quadruple" my order for free, since I wanted to sample a couple of flavors, but I didn't want big bottles of each, I asked in the comment if one of my 15ml bottles could be "quadrupled" via 15ml bottles of other flavors instead. They didn't have to do this for me, but they did, and I really appreciate it. It allowed me to try more of their flavors without spending more money. They specialize in fruity flavors which generally aren't really my thing, so I didn't want to go balls out on my order.
Email communication and updates about my order were spot on.
Only reason I gave them a 9 instead of a 10 here is because you're only payment option is credit card. I know paypal doesn't technically allow for vaping related items, but maybe a bitcoin option or something else for the folks that don't like to use CC online (they are out there!)
Shipping & packaging: 11/10
All you need to know here is that B-X does this the RIGHT way. Better than any other vendor I've used, and I've done lots of tester orders with lots of different companies. They are absolutely shining stars in this category.
First of all, my order came vacuum sealed. Amazing. Every company should do this. It takes extra time, effort, and money... but it's amazing. Zero chance of dealing with sticky, leaking bottles. I deal with enough ejuice on my hands in my every day life, I don't need vendors adding to it!
Secondly, the packaging itself is completely ideal. The labeling has every piece of information you'd ever want on your juice bottle, including born on date. The bottles are of high quality, and are slightly opaque, which I think would have the added benefit of keeping a little bit of light out (same reason beer companies use dark glass bottles). While the website has funny little graphics, the bottles themselves are elegant and don't have any cartoon picturing that would be attractive to a child. Good job.
Juices: All tested after 14+ days of steeping on a single coil Alien Clapton at 0.3ohms on a Limitless Plus RDTA. Wattage ranged from 40-70 for these tests.
Horchata-tas (3mg): 9/10
Website description: A spot on horchata flavor. Horchata is a Mexican dessert drink made with rice, vanilla and cinnamon. This is a creamy, delicious flavor that many of our customers have now acquired as their ADV. The cinnamon is not too overpowering like many other company's versions and the rice-vanilla gives it an exquisite dessert flavor taste! If you are a fan of dessert flavors, I can guarantee you will be a huge fan of horchata-tas!
My Thoughts: I like cinnamon anything, but haven't had the greatest of luck with vaping it. Generally the juices I have tried are all way overpowering with the cinnamon. Not the case here. The description says it's a dessert flavor, and I'm in no place to argue that being that I have never actually tried the real Mexican dessert. However, I will say that this juice reminds me more of a cinnamon toast crunch cereal vape, in a good way. It's nice and balanced, and so damn tasty. I am getting zero throat hit at 3mg with this juice after 14 days of steep, and I am ok with that! If you are a fan of cinnamon vapes, you need to try this juice for sure. This will be my go-to cinnamon vape from today forward.
Acai Melon (3mg): 0/10
Website description: A very refreshing acai, apple, melon vape. Very delicious and also a nice palate cleanser.
My Thoughts: Before I go any further, let me reiterate the fact that I haven't had much luck with fruit flavors in general, please ensure you are reading juicedb reviews, not my own, for any advice on a juice like this.
NOPE NOPE NOPE. NOOOOOOPE. This for me was like soap, perfume, and a candle store all in one. To be perfectly honest, this might beat out a Vape Wild juice as my worst ever. I know that is likely more me than anything else, this juice has plenty of positive reviews, but I literally gagged.
Watermelon Crack (3mg): 8.5/10
Website description: This started out as a clone attempt of kryptonite by cosmic fog, but I got sidetracked and it turned out way better than I intended. It is a delicious watermelon candy type flavor that will seriously have you addicted the moment you start vaping it! Kryptonite used to be my favorite flavor and actually what got me into making my own juice, since their pricing is so freaking expensive. I have tried it several times since making my own version and I really can not vape it any more. It just doesn't taste the same anymore after vaping on the watermelon crack. There will be a slight hint of mint your first few drags, but that goes away quickly and turns into the most delectable, juicy and watermelony goodness you have ever tried! I apologize in advance for your new addiction.
My thoughts: The hype is real! I am not a menthol guy at all so I was hesitant to order. It's definitely not menthol, but it does start out very minty. This juice is pungent. When I cut open the vacuum sealed bag, the watermelon smell hit me instantly. My entire "juice box" now smells like watermelon! When I first tried this, it was best described as a watermelon jolly rancher and a wint-o-green livesaver (the white chalky ones) in your mouth at the same time. As it gets older, it's more like 1/4 of a wintergreen livesaver in your mouth, with 4 pieces of watermelon jolly rancher. For me, it's just getting better and better as the mint backs off.
Mom's Milk (3mg): 7/10
Website description: Started off as a clone of mother's milk by Suicide Bunny, it is fairly similar but very different at the same time. Flavor profile: Custard with a mix of different strawberries.
My thoughts: Kind of just another strawberry custard. Everyone has one, and they have been done to death. This is what you would expect for the most part, but for some reason I do get what tastes like a slight bubble gum exhale with the sweetness of the strawberry.
I'd like to thank B-X Vapors for their activity on ECR and giveaways, as well as my opportunity to try these juices. I am overly picky about my juice, and likely others would rate higher than me.
Biggest pro(s): Packaging is literally perfected, other vendors need to order from B-X and take notes. Very prominent and active part of our community.
Biggest con(s): Limited juice line-up. B-X seems to almost exclusively focus on fruit flavors, and that is what they are known for. For someone like me that isn't big on fruit flavors, I'd love to see what kind of bakery loveliness they could pump out. Definitely some talent in that lab.
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How the Crypto Currency impacted Venezuela during 2017 - 2018

Traditionally, society has perceived the use of money as the physical representation of it, however, with technological advances; the use of cards was achieved through a database registered with a bank to handle balance movements.
However, the global economy is adapting to new technological and social developments that have led to a new structure: blockchain technology. Turning economic transactions into decentralized, transparent and incorruptible exchanges.
As seen in the documentary Banking on Bitcoin, original by Netflix and released in 2017, which tells through interviews with various experts how cryptocurrency produced a market and destabilized the monopolization of banks with respect to the world economy. Presenting this scenario, and looking to Venezuela, a country that is currently on a very high price rise, what Professor Philip Cagan of Columbia University called in his 1956 article as hyperinflation, because the rate of price increase is more than 50% per month, positions the South American country as one of the 56 documented cases in the world with this type of inflationary decontrol compared to that suffered by Germany in 1920 when the exchange rate reached 2 billion German marks for every US dollar.
Venezuela, with an estimated inflation rate of 1000000000 per cent per annum by August 2018, has a hyperinflationary stability that includes not only the state of the economy, but also politics, social welfare and a general crisis in the control of prices of basic necessities.
This scenario provoked protests in the country last year 2017 in which many people took the streets to express their discontent, demanding an acceptable quality of life, however, the result of these protests was approximately 127 dead, 3000 wounded and more than 2500 detained.
At the end of that year, the re-elected president, Nicolas Maduro, proposed in December the launch of the Crypto currency Petro as part of the economic measures to solve the economic crisis that the country was going through, which would have the value of a barrel of oil according to the OPEP balance.
However, the U.S. government enacted a sanction for those who would like to invest in this crypto, being Americans, because of the various diplomatic conflicts between the countries. This influenced the other countries not to invest in this project.
Due to this initiative on the part of the Venezuelan government, the cryptocurrency were positioned in the public opinion and diverse people saw this as an opportunity of business, generating great amounts of dollars with the import of machines to mine bitcoins in the country, this phenomenon had a rise, product of the high profitability of the basic services like the electricity and the gasoline, that in comparison with the rest of Latin America and the world are positioned far below.
Parallel to the emergence of this business Satoshis are sold for dollars through groups in Telegram and those dollars are exchanged for Sovereign Bolivars, currently 1$ = 100 sovereign Bolivars. Perhaps this is the first step for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Venezuelan economy as a sustainable alternative to generate greater accessibility to the purchasing power of Venezuelans.
Achieving the adoption of cryptomonedas in Venezuelan society offers the following benefits:
1 - Venezuela have a large number of people who decided to leave the country in search of a better quality of life. Usually, they send remittances to their relatives from abroad but the commission is very large for making the transaction, which is why crypts are an excellent way to send money, instantly, securely and without intermediaries. 2 - Due to hyperinflation, banks do not offer their customers the opportunity to withdraw enough money in banknotes. To understand this subject a little, here is an article. Usually people line up long lines to withdraw money. Thanks to crypto currency, this system can be erase it to achieve exchanges and reciprocal digital fluctuation between traders and customers... Directly to people with the QR code.
3 - It can act as a humanitarian channel to help people buy food or medicine through donations. In spite of the scarcity of food and medicine, this has proved to be an excellent channel that allows the solidarity of the communities that make up the kryptonite movement worldwide.
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What if we did this? (in regard to blocksize increase and Segwit)

As many of you know, I favor the simplest possible solution to solving the blocksize limit problem.
But as current events show, as it is, there is just too much energy on either side of the debate to come to a conclusion in the near future-- even if Bitcoin Unlimited does gain a majority, or even a large portion of hashrate or support (80%), because of contention it would inevitably cause damage by the fork split (it's not a question of it if it will, it's a question of how much).
That being said, I certainly was not a fan of segwit as my first pick to the solution, but now that I've been watching the landscape fo some time now, hear me out on this-- What if we allowed segwit to pass, yes it adds technical debt, yes it could have a time bomb that we don't know about, but these are risks we may have to take, because Bitcoin is suffering pretty hard right now anyway which is also not good.
If we let segwit pass, it is a soft fork so we can continue to function using the old Bitcoin software (though may not have 0 confirmations anymore, but it's a price to pay, compromise).
Assuming segwit works as planned, well great, once blocks get full again, lightning network will have had a chance to see if they can indeed solve the problem for us (of which I am doubtful, by the way), but if they don't, then we can push for a hard-fork blocksize increase WITHOUT having the alternative of segwit standing in our way, and less damage done by a network split (assuming core doesn't create some new contraption to deal with blocksize limit in the future).
The bottom line is, we have to do something. I think the damage done by doing nothing is the most damaging way forward (as the rising fees are kryptonite to Bitcoin if nothing is done). I know it's not ideal, but sometimes you have to take windy paths to get to the solution.
Anyway, these are just my thoughts right now, what do you guys think?
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Big Blocker Kryptonite

David Bohm’s On Dialogue is relevant because he gives us a protocol for communication that resolves conflicting perspective. Here we can note in regard to the Bitcoin’s block size debate, much of the infighting happens because each side of the debate is using different definitions for key words.
This can be alleviated, simply by calling attention to it. Each party can still keep their definitions, but the confusion and perpetual conflict is lifted when everyone understands the cause of it.
This speaks to John Nash’s Ideal Money which is very much misunderstood.
Here we can think of how people want to blame Chinese regulation for a drop in the bitcoin price. If we think of a theoretical stable metric of value in relation to bitcoin, the usd, and the yuan, when the price of bitcoin drops in relation to both the usd and the yuan, its NOT necessarily so that it also drops in value in relation to our conceptual stable metric.
This is the meaning of ideal, conceptual. Ideal Money is a device to insert in dialogue that allows us to properly have this conversation. Without it there is no way to sort out the fragmented perspectives, and so people are probably confused.
That is why the introduction of a stable metric of value into the block size debate is big blocker Kryptonite.
It’s also why I am banned from btc by Roger Ver and why the media he controls won’t talk about Nash’s lectures.
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Foolproof way for you to make a profit with Bitcoin!!1!

Want to make a profit with Bitcoin? I have a foolproof way to do it!
Here's how it works. You tell me when you want to buy some Bitcoins. I will go on to the exchange and purchase one. The price of Bitcoins will IMMEDIATELY plummet at which time you can begin buying at the reduced rate. This is a scientifically and historically proven way to buy cheap Bitcoins. At first I was skeptical that I had this amazing super power to radically effect the Bitcoin market. But trial and testing has shown me, that without a doubt, I am the equivalent of Kryptonite to the price of Bitcoin.
For the use of my super market dropping powers, I only ask for 10% of the profits that you gain from buying low priced Bitcoins. Please send to this address: 1Am9ohueyR9AgvpZrU3jNBPrcaBcTimno4
You're welcome.
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REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions Bitcoin Rising With The Tide?! July 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction - Where Is Bitcoin Going? BITCOIN PRICE LIVE - YouTube ▷▷BITCOIN PRICE LIVE

Find ‘kryptonite’ products that you can buy with Bitcoin, including items from and E-Liquids UK – at Spendabit, the search engine for things you can buy with Bitcoin. spend a bit 3-million+ things for Bitcoin Bitcoin Price Prediction Today: Daily (BTC) Value Forecast – June 12 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Azeez Mustapha - June 12, 2019 0 On the upside, if the bulls break above EMAs, the crypto’s price will resume its upward move to retest the overhead resistance level. Bitcoin's Kryptonite Is Electricity, But Renewable Green Energy Innovation Is Happening. by Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team. August 23, 2018. Home Cryptocurrency News. Facebook. Live Bitcoin Price & Latest BTC Chart News. Today's Latest Crypto News. Crypto Bulls Definitely on Parade, Bitcoin Is Attracting ‘Very Substantial Buying Power' Get Kryptonite price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info Kryptonite (KRYP) is a cryptocurrency. Users are able to generate KRYP through the process of mining. Kryptonite has a current supply of 11,282,516 with 10,782,516 in circulation. The last known price of Kryptonite is $0.000014 USD and is down -1.19% over the last 24 hours. “The Real Bitcoin” will trend in the direction of being the best Bitcoin, not the Bitcoin with the most inertia or history or connections. Many hypothesize that the current spike in price ahead of the current fork is based on the sentiment that this fork is going to be like the last major fork: a profitable chain split with an accompanying

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REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions

Bitcoin The Price Is RIGHT! June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis - Duration: 38:19. Krown's Crypto Cave 8,287 views. 38:19. Bitcoin WHEN REFUND SIR?! 🔴 BITCOIN PRICE LIVE 1-7-2020 - Duration: 1:44. CRYPTOS FOREVER 24 views. New; 1:44. Best Binary Options Strategy 2020 - 2 Minute Strategy LIVE TRAINING! - Duration: 43:42. REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions Crypto Daily. Loading... Unsubscribe from Crypto Daily? ... Bitcoin To Hit $100,000, Max Keiser Doubles Down - Part 1 - Duration: 14:36. Bitcoin will crash 75% soon in 2020 before the 2021 BTC bull run can begin! price targets, TA & NYSE - Duration: 29:11. OPTICALARTdotCOM 74,782 views 🔴 BITCOIN PRICE LIVE 2-7-2020 - Duration: 6:39. CRYPTOS FOREVER 49 views. 6:39. If I Were BROKE… This Is What I’d Do - Duration: 18:20. Tatiana James 178,282 views.

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